December 20, 2008
By Danie Kates, Warsaw, NY

Taylor was my best friend.

You may have read Taylor's article, titled "Danie". Well, i AM Danie.

Like she told you in HER article, we met in an online chatroom. Habbo Hotel, if you really want to be specific. Well, back then, before Taylor Times (what i used to be like, before I met taylor), I used to do online/internet dating. Noobish, wouldn't you think? Well, it gave me the best friend of my life. No, she was not the one I dated.
I went to a Habbo Highschool, and this little "internet boyfriend" met me there and 'dumped' me. So I made my virtual character all sad and such. I went to the virtual dormitory, and THAT'S where i met Taylor, on a VIRTUAL couch, in a VIRTUAL room.

I sat down in a seat, and made a frowny face. Taylor, being the kind person she is, sat down next to me.

"Aww, whats wrong?" She asked.
(Back before Taylor Times, i talked like a noob. B, r, u, lol, kkz, and any other noob-ish abbreviations. Sp?)
"mi bf just broke up wit me," I replied.
Her, being the nice person she is, ignored the noob talk, and the pathetic-ness of a girl dating another guy on the internet.
Taylor: "Aww, I'm sorry sweetie."
Me: "Nah its ok. he was a jerk ne ways"
Then i asked if she wanted to have some virtual fun, so as she mentioned in HER article/story, we went to my Virtual-Ex-Boyfriends room, and messed it up. (Re-arranged the furniture in a goofy fashion, wrote on the stickie notes, etc.)

After a while, I started logging into Habbo more and more, and talking to Taylor more and more. I told her my name was Claire, and I felt bad because I was lying to her. I told her about everything- things at school, teachers, family, etc. But I again lied to her and told her I was sixteen. Taylor told me she was fifteen, and she sure acted it, so of course I believed it.
I told her about my dad, whom I hadn't seen in about 5 months or so. At that time, I was missing him terribly and i WANTED to be with him. (NOT ANYMORE)
She was sympathetic, and, that's what I was looking for. No one at school wanted to listen to my problems anymore, so I always went to Taylor.
On Christmas day, I *finally* got a flip-phone cell phone I had been asking for all year. I logged onto Habbo hoping that she'd be on.

I clicked on her name and typed a quick message. "TAYLOR OMG HI MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSSS!" I asked if she had a cell phone, and she replied with a yes. I told her I got a cell phone, and I asked for her number. I'm not sure how she was feeling, but she DID give me her number. Hey, I would've felt a little iffy if someone from the internet asked for my number, too.
So then I gave her mine.
A few minutes later, I had a restricted call. I laughed because I'm always getting restricted calls, especially from my old cell phone. I picked up. "Helloooo?" I asked.
And it was Taylor! I was totally overjoyed! Once we confirmed that it was REALLY each other, we started texting. I remember the first picture i sent her was a picture of my dog.
And her, sending one back.

Months later, I was at a school dance, crying.
(By now I had cut down on the noob talk and such.) I texted Taylor, asking if she could do me the biggest favor in my life. Which, now, I regret asking her to do. It wasn't her part to do it, and I *still* feel guilty for asking her to do so.
She agreed, and so I asked her if she would contact my dad for me.

She said she would, and I was estatic. I gave her my dad's number, and then Taylor would text him, get his reply(ies) and forward them to me. I'd send her the text, she'd forward it to my dad, etc.

I felt bad because I knew that we were breaking the law. I felt especially bad because I asked such a wonderful friend to do such. After a while, I didn't want me, Taylor, or my father to get in trouble, so I sent Taylor a message telling my dad to please stop texting her.

Apparently, he didn't, and continued to text her. I figured out that even though he said my mother was lying, she really wasn't, and my mother was only trying to protect me.

Me and Taylor have had so many good times.
Funny thing; we have never met before.
But, we don't have to be living in the same area to be best friends. Taylor and I continue to text each other, and we have since last Christmas.

This story is not encouraging you to give out your number to random people on the internet, I could've risked my own doing so. But I did earn the best friend of my life out of it. Rebelling and not listening to my mother's safty warnings did have a good outcome.

Taylor is my best friend, I would not be the person I am today. She has completely changed my life forever, and I couldn't live without her.
Taylor, I hope one day you read this, because you mean so much to me, and I never want to lose you.

The author's comments:
Taylor inspired me to write this, because she too wrote an article about me, a few months ago. She is my best friend, and I couldn't live without her.

Again- this story is not to encourage you to give out your number to people online, because it is veryvery dangerous. You need extremely real, good, proof to do something like that. Don't risk your saftey.

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