December 18, 2008
Snow is falling, covering everything in sight. Cars slide down the road, and people wait in the drive through because they don’t want to get cold. The kids do not care though they slide down hills with their sleds and build snow forts. They exchange fire, snowballs flying through the air. Then they return to their homes wet and cold to warm themselves and relax. And every child waits for the perfect snow day.

Snow is a beautiful sight to see. Not many get to see it, and those who don’t want to they want to take it all in. The sight, feeling, excitement, even the smell of everything changes when it snows. All the adults and kids are packed tight inside. They are all trying to stay warm. But the kids want to be outside, where the snow is. Even the sick ones are yearning to play outside for just ten minutes. All of them know there are thousands of things you can do with snow.

Some people like to keep it simple sledding, snowball fights, and experiencing the thrill of walking on ice. But others create forts, create a system of complicated tunnels through an abundance of snow, and building an upside down snowman. But winter allows all the children to share each others company. Then they all head to their houses and they warm up. There is nothing like warming up after coming in from the snow. It is like curing disease that has been troubling you for a long while. You sit and drink hot soup and hot chocolate in the warmth of your home. But before they all go to bed they imagine the perfect snow day.

The perfect snow day cannot be predicted, it has to be a total surprise. When they all wake up in the mourning everything is covered in snow. The roadways where impassible. The children where able to play everywhere without being disrupted. There are three or more feet of snow that can be easily packed together. They are able to create forts and tunnels that run deep into the ground. They can build pretty much anything they want without looking far for the snow. It is like the whole world was painted white overnight, and the children are like a squirrel that has been given a life supply of nuts. Everyone is outside, even the parents.

But sadly not every child can ever have a chance of having the benefits of snow. They go about their business. Because winter runs together with all the other seasons. But they always dream of winter, and that perfect snow day. But some may never even see it in their lifetime.

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