The Unexpected Visitor

December 18, 2008
By Aren Aghakhani, Glendale, CA

Everyone has most probably had a vacation with their family at least once in their lives. Every once in a while during these vacations people see beautiful things and find things that were unexpected. This is a story about how during a vacation me and my family encountered a ghost.

We had just finished packing our bags on a cold Friday morning. Me and my sister were really excited because we were on our way back to Big Bear which is very cold. Our family was on the road for 3 hours. When we finally arrived we all burst out the cars with happiness. Everyone in our family was there it was basically a family reunion. My mother, father, sister cousins, aunts, uncles. Everyone in my family was there. Amazingly everyone managed to fit in the house we had rented for the two week stay. I doubted it though we had at least twenty-five people with us. An hour had passed we had made ourselves comfortable. Everyone only wanted one thing and that was to have a snowball fight. When we began playing we were truly having the time of our lives. Me and the rest of my family had spent about two hours on the snowball fight. This was my first snowball fight which made it that much better. As I said two hours had passed from the crazy fight and it was beginning to get dark outside. So we decided to make some BBQ. We were slowly becoming impatient from waiting we were starving. So about thirty minutes passed and the food was ready. We all gathered but there was no table in the house big enough to fit all of us so we all sat down on the ground and ate. It basically looked like one giant circle of people. Unfortunately after we ate it was time to sleep. Something extremely unexpected happened. Two hours into my sleep I felt something slam into the bed I was sleeping on. This caused me to wake up instantly. I was tired and cranky but couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to investigate. I kept walking around my bed room, until suddenly it became icy cold. I began to shiver and I was wondering in my mind what was going on. So I decided to open the bedroom door and go tell the rest of my family about what had happened. Just as I opened the bedroom door in front of me stood this tall white figure. I couldn’t believe it ,but I was staring at a ghost. I was terrified. The ghost was about six feet eight inches and looked like a angry, vengeful old man. The ghost seemed to not like me or anyone who was in the house. I quickly woke up my parents and told them what had happened. They didn’t believe me so we were on our way to go see everyone else to see if they had been greeted by this frightening ghost. As we went downstairs we were surprised to see the rest of the family awake. My first cousin had seen the same ghost and so did the rest of my family except my parents. It was pretty funny because, my first cousin who had mentioned the ghost was sitting on a rocking chair with a slingshot. He had planned to hit the ghost. A couple hours passed and, we felt the sun shine through the windows and we were all huddled together. The whole family wanted to cut this vacation short and that’s just what happened. That same morning we left the beautiful house and headed back home.

In conclusion, this was the craziest thing that had happened to me and was the one thing that ended our vacation the ghost. Even though it was a scary and frightening event it brought my whole family closer together.

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