Memories Stay Forever

December 18, 2008
By Ani Sargsyan, Glendale, CA

Hold your hands together and last, hold your hearts together. True love happens if you believe in it. Love at first sight.

On a cold rainy day, at 10 am I went to my best friend’s house, Anna. Anna and I were suppose to write an essay about two people falling in love. She went and got some food for us and then we started writing our essays. My essay started off like this.

Every girl has a dream, a dream that stays in our hearts forever. I dreamed of my guy as being really tall, cute and more important smart. I know it’s really hard to find a guy that I am dreaming of. I hope that one day I will wake up knowing that my love is waiting for me. The next morning, I woke up at 7 am to get ready to go to school. I got ready in ten minutes. I did not eat breakfast because I was hoping that I would meet my true love at school today. I was all happy and got my keys and left. When I got to school with my BMW, the students looked at me like I was a gangster. I did not pay attention to what they were saying, all I was thinking about was my love. I got to my locker and I was hoping that there would have been a note there saying “Diana, I love you. From you secret admire.” As I opened my locker there was nothing in it besides books and perfume. I got kind of sad, but I thought that there was still eight hours of school to go. I went to math class, and I was tired of all those equations. I stayed in class for ten minutes, and then I asked my teacher if I can go to the restroom. She said, “go but only for two minutes.” I got out of her class and headed to the restroom. As I was walking I saw this cute guy with this nice jeans and a white shirt on. I froze for a moment, and then walked away. As I was walking I was thinking about him, when all of a sudden I bumped on someone. When I turned around it was him. My heart started to beat so fast that I could not even talk. He asked me for my name and I said “Diana.” He got my hand to shake it and when he was about to say his name the bell rang. He let go of my hand and left. I wanted to run after him, but I thought that he would think that I am crazy or something. But I was actually crazy for his love. Instead I went to my car, and got on the road. As I was driving, I realized a car was following me. I got really scared, but then as I got closer to my house the car disappeared. First, I thought that it might be that guy, but then I thought that, that would be impossible. That night I could not sleep, when all of a sudden I got an email. I knew that my friends would not email me at midnight. I went and checked my email, but it did not say who it was from, it just said unknown. When I opened the email it said, “Don’t be afraid, but watch where you are going.” I got really scared and started to panic. My heart started beating faster every second. At that minute all I could think about was “what should I do so that I will not get hurt.” I tried to sleep and get through that night, but I got scared every second I was closing my eyes. The night was restless. The next day when I woke up, I did not want to go to school because of the fear that was still inside me. Unfortunately, I got dressed and went to school. When I was at school, I was looking all around the school to find my love, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. I got really scared and thought about the email that was sent to me last night. In my heart I tried not to think about bad stuff, but my heart was telling me that something bad is going to happen. I went all around the school to find out what that guys name is, but I guess no one wanted to tell me because no one really liked him. People treated him badly. They would all make fun of him. One day when I was sitting at the cafeteria the students came and told him that Mr. James wants to see him in the office. He quickly went to the office and told Mr. James if he called him or not. He said “no I did not call you.” The guy got really mad and he almost started to cry, but he didn’t because he was being strong. That’s how people treated him, and I felt really bad for him. I think that he is a wonderful person and I would be really lucky if I be with him. While I was thinking about all this bad stuff, all of a sudden I saw him. When I saw his I just ran to him and said, “You are the one I have been waiting for so long.”

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