December 18, 2008
By brittany daugherty, Havana, FL

When my brother was three years old, he was surprised with a box on his bed. He was so excited because he knew what it contained before he even opened it. When he finally opened it, he discovered a small puppy curled p at he bottom. Suddenly, he called her Sheba. She was a quarter German Shepard, a quarter Alaskan Malamute, and half wolf. She went everywhere he went, because she loved him as much as he loved her.

One day, my brother, sister, Sheba, and I were playing in front of our house in Quincy, when the mailman pulled up in front of our house and started walking toward our porch. We were all screaming because we were having fun playing soccer, but Sheba thought the mailman was trying to hurt us. She lightly put the mailman’s hand in her mouth and walked him back to his truck. Later, we told him why we thought she had behaved the way she did, so he would give us our mail.

Many years passed, and my brother still had Sheba, but she was getting old. She eventually lost her sight and became dilapidated. On July 2, 2007, an accident occurred that will never be forgotten by those who loved Sheba. My mother and I were on our way to the DMV for me to get my learners permit, when she received a call on her cell phone from my brother. He was crying, and barely audible, he sputtered out: “Crystal hit Sheba!”. Our mom, bewildered at this point, suddenly stopped the car so she could understand my brother. After the point was clear to her that Sheba had indeed been ran over by my sister, my mom, who was crying hysterically, turned the car around, heading back to our house where my brother was.

When we arriver home, my sister was gone and my brother was inside of the house with Sheba. Apparently, after she had gotten hit, she had just enough strength to get up and go in the house to lay down in the spot on the stairs where she slept every night. She was still alive, so my brother gently picked her up and took her to my moms car, so they could take her to Cumberland Animal Clinic to see if they could save her life. Once they got there, they received the news that she had abstained many injuries that would require surgery, as well as a series of broken ribs. Due to her age, and the fact that she had previously gone into anaphylaxis shock because of prior anesthesia, Ivan Barineau recommended that she be humanely euthanized. So without even taking her out of my brothers arms, they gave her the shot that would send her into a peaceful sleep forever.

When they arrived back home, my brother buried her in our front yard, where her soul will rest forever. We will never forget such a great part of our family, that will be forever missed. We love you Sheba, and rest in peace.

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