Nice Catch

December 18, 2008
By Brooke Foster, Sedan, KS

So it’s my sophomore year when one of the most embarrassing, although quite hilarious things happens to me. Picture a nice calm sunny day, not hot or cold, just about perfect. That’s how it was at the Caney Softball Tournament. There I was standing in left field waiting for the ball to be pitched and wondering where it would be going after it was smacked by the batter.

Then I heard the ping of the bat against the softball. Thanks to the sun I couldn’t exactly see where it was going, and then there it was. Headed my direction with great speed it was a pop-up at first, which quickly turned into a grounder! Eager to get it back to the infield, I ran up on it and got ready for it to slide into my glove. That’s when it happened, oh so quickly it hit one of the awesome bumps that we outfielders love so much! The embarrassing thing isn’t that it didn’t make it into my glove, but that it did somehow make it into my jersey. As if that wasn’t enough, I could NOT get it out no matter what I tried! The ball was in the right side of my jersey and the hand needed to get it out with was my left, which had my glove on it. The ball seemed basically to be in an unreachable spot because there was no way my right hand was going to bend the way needed to get it out. By this time people players, umpires, and viewers, were all bustin’ up laughing-even one player was actually on the ground. After many attempts of getting it out with my hands (gloved and non-gloved) through the top of my jersey and jiggling to knock it out (which didn’t work), I finally threw my hands up to show I had a problem-as if they couldn’t already tell. Then I took my glove off and at last got the ball out. Thanks to my difficulties the runner got to advance to second but no further.

After the game people were still laughing and giving me crap about what had happened. One of my friends, who was the catcher, told me that the ump behind her was also laughing and had said that he hadn’t ever seen anything like that happen in all his umpping. I don’t think I will ever forget this funny yet embarrassing moment and by the looks of it some others wont either. I heard a lot about it my junior year at practice and most likely will this year too.

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