Low Budget

January 7, 2009
By Brianna Benjamin, Maimi, FL

Boring! Chicken nuggets again! That's the third time this week. All of my friends always complain saying we need a variety of different juicy, crisp, mouthwatering foods like we did last year. Here, in Miami Fl I know that we have a budget but don't you think that we should at least do some fun raising or something? I mean us kids are at school for six heart wrenching hours. The least the school system can do for us is give us a decent meal to look forward to! not only is the food horrible but they doubled the price. we have to pay the outrageous amount of 2.50! i mean with that kind of money i can walk to McDonald's and get a burger off the dollar menu. if we pay all of that money for our food they should serve us pizza. i mean they would still be gaining money.

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