This I Believe!

December 19, 2008
By Kathleen Burns, Barrington, IL

I used to dream about how I could explain my life to my friends, how I could elaborate about my movie star mom, my famous athlete dad, or my rock star brother. I wished that my family lived in California, that we knew the most important people in the world. To put it simply, I wished I had the most exciting, most interesting life ever. But then high school gave me the chance to realize this was already true because regardless of the events in people’s lives, everyone can categorize theirs as interesting in many different ways.

I know now that my mom isn’t a movie star and neither is my brother, but that’s fine because now that I look upon my life, I see what I do have. My family has become one of the most important things in my life, and they are able to teach me anything. My friends make up another huge part of my life. They can always make me smile, and I know they aren’t the most perfect people, but they do make my life interesting. I also know my talents, what I need to work on, and what these talents mean for my future. I can now dream of college, getting a degree, and finding a good job. I know my life seems far from one of glamour and superiority, but with my friends, my family, and my future backing me up, I know the excellence it entails, how interesting it has become and always will be. Now that is exciting.

I look to my left and right at school, and I view the lives of many people. Maybe they wanted the same exciting life I used to dream of. Maybe some have found that life or maybe some are still looking for it. But when I look to my right, I see a girl who is an awesome swimmer, who gets straight A’s and is going to one of the most prestigious schools in the country. To my left, I see a boy in a band, one that has played some of the most notable shows in the area. He’s the best drummer I have ever heard, and he has definitely worked for his future. I look all around, and I could spend multiple hours detailing the lives of my fellow classmates, how interesting they are and always will be. And I hope they know their lives are exciting.

Whether you have eight siblings or just two, you are a star soccer player or a star student, everyone has something to offer the world. Gifts are given to each individual when they enter the world, and the life each person lives shows how these gifts are used. But it is important to know everyone has these gifts for a reason and everyone can control his/her life. Everyone’s life is filled with something unique and different and this I believe is what makes every single person’s life interesting, inside and out.

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