10:58 A.M.

December 7, 2008
The Call
Unknown Caller
Unknown Number
10:52:42 A.M.

“Hello” I say into the phone almost whispering so I wouldn’t wake up anyone who was sleeping around me or let my mom hear me talk.

“Is this *Samantha Smith?” said a man who clearly was on his first try pronouncing my name.

“Yeah, this is her” I answered back, eager to end the call to get back to texting.

“Hi, this is Dr. Gordon. I am calling about Kyle King” said the scruffy voice.

My voice caught again but this time, the color drained from my body and could feel my heart pound. I bit my lip and let my conscience take over. He’s fine, he’s fine; he’s fine, he’s fine. The surgery went well, he’s fine, in fact they’re probably calling to say that the surgery went well and he’ll be out in a few days.

“........... Ms.*Smith?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Here he is.”

10:46:33 A.M.
MCRHotel: I can’t believe it! He seriously said that!
Soccerkid195: I no! He was totally all like yeah w/e!
MCRHotel: He is sooooooo mean!
Soccerkid195: Yeah. He is. My goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!
MCRHotel: He should go find someone else 2 yell at!
Soccerkid195: I think it’s my fault though
MCRHotel: No, no its not!
Soccerkid195: Yeah, it is!
MCRHotel: Sushma, Listen 2 me! It’s not your fault at all, he was just being mean and stupid and that’s how boys can be! He’ll get over it and you will be best friends again!
Soccerkid195: Thx that really did help.
MCRHotel: I no. Ur welcome!
Soccerkid195: So...................
MCRHotel: So, u okay?
Soccerkid195: Yeah, I’m just really worried about Kyle. I really do hope he’s okay.
MCRHotel: I’m sure he’ll be fine. Now, let’s switch topics! HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soccerkid195: Lol, ok!
MCRHotel: Sush.............
Soccerkid195: Yeah
MCRHotel: I g2g, My BF’s callin, imyl
Soccerkid195: k, bye

My breath caught in my throat. I was furious. My best friend who was the only one who knew the complete truth about Kyle just abandoned me in my time of need. Then, my conscience snapped in. How could you be so selfish? *Janie was trying to help you and you wanted the help. She was there for you but it’s not her job to be there all the time. She has a life too. Now, start thinking straight and stop blaming her. The guilt hit me like a bowling ball hits a strike.

I murmured under my breath, I am selfish. It’s not her fault. *Janie shouldn’t have to carry my depression or unhappiness around with her. She’s better than that. Besides, she’s got other things to worry about. I’m not her number one priority. I shuffled around in the three seater of our mini-van until I was in a comfortable laying position.

If only she knew how much I worried about him.

Every time I see him, I want to see his smile. He always had it on and that’s the whole reason we met.

He was another child in my kindergarten class. Just another one of those kids, but the silent kind. After the first 5 days, he wasn’t there anymore and nobody seemed to notice. I remember seeing him at recess every day for a week after that. He would always be with an older kid who looked as if he was 16. He would always hold on to the trunk of a tree and watch as all the kids laugh and shout with their friends. He stood there, every time his eyes filled with a longing. I didn’t know what was wrong with him and thought he was the strange kid.

One day, I decided I had enough of the constant curiosity that haunted my sleep at night. I broke the rules. Our monitors made it very clear that little kids like me weren’t allowed to go on the side of the hill that faces this big street, but I was determined that day and broke that rule. I walked down towards the little boy who sat on the ground alone today. The older boy wasn’t far. Just a few steps away.

I walked right up to the boy and sat next to him, he looked at me and I looked at him. After a couple minutes, we giggled. I don’t know what was so funny but we giggled and giggled. Finally after endless giggling, the boy stood up and I followed. He held out his hand and said the angelic little voice

“Hi, my name is Kyle. What’s yours?”

Again we giggled and I introduced myself.

When I asked why he wasn’t in school he explained that his parents were divorced and he would live with his mother during the school year down in South Carolina and father here in Ohio during the summer. I asked when he was leaving and he replied next week.

Everyday for the rest of that week and the next I broke the rules and met up with him by the tree.

After he left, life was slow. Most kids wanted summer to have fun and play or to escape from the prison parents call school. I wanted summer so I could just see him again.

My world keeps on spinning with out you. The way you always used to go for me. All so heavily. The way the world is ending for you and for me.

10:55:39 A.M.
“I have a few minutes left in me. I want you to know some things. Like Doc said, he’s breaking a lot of rules to let me actually talk to you. I know this is harder for you than anyone else in my family. I know how much you care about me and how much I mean to you. But I want you to know another thing. I care about you, I really do. You’re the best friend a person could ask for. I want to say thank you for all the times you helped me, all the times you told me I was capable of reaching my potential.”

My heart skipped a beat. I could hear the calmness in his voice. I wanted to see him. Just see him one last time. I wanted to be with him at that moment. There, beside him, instead of trapped in the world of reality. Being with him made me feel like I was in a fantasy world. A world where the truth is candy coated and life is like a vacation to Hawaii.

I pictured his face. His skin like porcelain. His eyes, changing colors like they always did, green in the morning, hazel at noon, and blue at night. His dirty blond hair touching his eyebrows. His voice like a harp, calm and steady, beautiful and soothing. His existence a journey of suspense and an adventure of truth.

“*Samantha, listen, these are the guidelines I lived by and I’m passing them on to you.”
10:56:01 A.M.

“Live life... Move on... Love yourself... Love others... This is a lesson... Love what you have left... Before you lose it...*Samantha... I love you,” he whispered, almost sounding like a wimpering puppy.

Each word, slowly taking away his soul, taking his heart and slowly dissolving the glow from his face. Each word, pulling him father and father away. His soul drifting up piece by piece; part by part.
10:58:00 A.M.

I heard a gasp. A sob. And the line went dead.

I had just heard my best friend’s last breath.

Those words were his last request and the guidelines to the life I live now.

These were the last words that I heard him say before he took his last breathe:

“Hi, my name is Kyle. What’s yours?”

* Names have been changed

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broadwaygirl0661 said...
Mar. 16, 2010 at 9:36 pm
Hey sushi it's alex! Good writing! I really liked this piece. Could you and Kody check out my writing? That'd be so great!
Sushi3195 said...
Jan. 24, 2010 at 6:44 pm
KODY! omg! so i was reading my other 2 peoms that got into the magazine and i was so freaked bc i was like.... OMG i can't believe i wrote this! One ic called the sun is now shining and the other is My God of Love. check them out! :)
KK2013 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 23, 2010 at 6:40 pm
HI SUSHI! tis kody! this is rather dark and creepy. good writing though.
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