December 2, 2008
By joe debartolomeo, Fairfield, CT

The day I learned about responsibility, was when my three friends, Steve, John, and Adam went ding-dong-ditching. We had annoyed people so much that they had called the cops on us and a cop came to David’s house.

David was having a barbeque at his house and we were all skateboarding, playing on the trampoline, and playing whifle ball. One of my friends yelled, “Hey lets go ding-dong-ditching.” We all thought that that was a good idea and it would be fun. The first house we started ding-dong-ditching at was about three houses away from David’s house. I went up on the porch and rang the doorbell and ran. He can out pretty quickly. We all sprinted down the street. While we were running we heard the guy scream, “You kids better run and don’t even think about coming back here. We walked down the street ding-dong-ditching most people that we knew so that we wouldn’t get in much trouble if we got caught. But we had also done a few people that we didn’t know at all.
One person, we rang their bell so many times that he came out so fast that I had to jump in a bush in his garden. I remember seeing him walk out of the house in a very sneaky way. He was walking around the yard back and forth looking for everyone, but I was the only one there, all of my friends were so close to the street that they ran a couple houses down and hid there. It felt like it was taking forever for him to leave. After a while, he pulled a flashlight out of his pocket. Since he could see now, I put my hood up on my head and curled up into a ball on the ground. He was flashing a flashlight all around the lawn. I saw it flash right in front of me; he held the light in front of me for about ten seconds. I think he was trying to see if I was a person or a rock, or even something else. I heard him walk towards me, but it was actually him just going back inside. Right when the door closed I ran straight to David’s house.

When I got to his house, all of my friends were in David’s backyard. I didn’t really care that they left, I would have. And besides it was just down the street. So, we all went inside to have some snacks and play some video games. We were playing games for about thirty minutes, until the doorbell rang, everyone freaked out. We all ran in the basement because we all knew that it had to be a cop. And it was a cop. David’s dad went outside to talk to him. The cop pretty much said to just stop ding-dong-ditching. His dad
actually didn’t care much. I thought he was going to freak out and kick everybody out of the house. And that’s the first time I got in trouble with a cop.

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