December 2, 2008
Got up bright and early in the morning, about 6:00 a.m. Got all my hunting stuff on and went out the door to the truck. When we got to my grandma’s, we saw a doe in the field about 80 yards and it was a pretty nice doe, about a 120 pounder.
My brother said, “Do you want to shoot it?”

I said, “No”.
The rest of the day we went into the woods to see if there were any deer in the woods, but there was nothing but a bunch of chipmunks pouncing around.
Then we went and ate at my uncle’s house and had eggs and bacon. Then we took a little nap.
At about 1:00 we went hunting with my cousin for some squirrels and chipmunks with the 20 gauge but we didn’t see anything. Then we moved a couple of tree stands around.
The rest of the day we saw nothing but some little chipmunks that sounded like some deer.
My brother said, “We will see one tonight, don’t worry.”
When it was about 4:30, we sat by my grandma’s shed. We saw a couple of does but they were to far away to shoot. The does didn’t get any closer, so we went on the four- wheeler and saw some more does, but they were in the brush and I didn’t want to shoot.
My brother said, “I know a place where there’s does there every time.
I said, “Ok let’s go.” We went on the four-wheeler to the spot and there was a doe standing right there. My brother thought he heard something so he turned around. I couldn’t shoot the deer because it wasn’t broadside. Then I got off the four- wheeler and went over do a dirt pile on my knees. So then it turned broadside and started walking. I got my scope on it and whistled, it stopped and I shot it. It fell to the grown and was breathing really hard. I shot it right in the front shoulder. It was wobbling on the ground and my brother said, “Nice shot.” After that one of my cousins came on a four wheeler to congratulate me on my first deer. I was really happy because it was my first deer.
Then my brother and I gutted it out he accidentally poked its stomach bag and it smelled bad but we got the job done.
When we threw it on the back of the truck and brought it to a gas station to get it registered.
We were leaving the gas station, my brother asked, “Do you have your tag?”
I said, “No.”
We went back to the gas station and we ask the guy were my tag was.
He said, “On the counter by the window.”
You could tell that I was a little excited to show my parents and my sister my first deer.
So we exited the gas station again and people were bringing the deer in like crazy. When we got home we had to take pictures because it was my first deer. Then we asked my dad, “What should we do with the deer.” He said, “Bring it to Pearce’s.” Then we brought it to Pearce’s and got steaks and beef jerky made.
Then we went home and saw some bucks crossing the street I said, “I wish I would’ve shot something like that today.”

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