love only exist in fairytales

November 21, 2008
By Anonymous

tell her!tell her about the time you cheated on her and came home with hickies all over your neck!" his brother yelled. get out of the car!"he yelled back at cheated on me?" i asked, my heart began sinking into my stomach. No..we were just kissing i didnt sleep with her i would never do that to you"he said. tears began rushing out of my eyes and i could feel everything falling down around me. i grabbed my stuff and tryed to exit the care.he locked the door. who was she?"i asked with anger and sadness filling my eyes. My ex"he said as he stared at me with eyes begging me not to leave him. When did this happen?"i asked furiuosly as tears ran down my face and droping onto my jeans like amillion needles hitting my body.over the summer while you were gone..but we were only kissing i promise"he said. i graved the stuffed animal i had gave him and turned to leave the car. no..please dont leave!"he pleaded. i turned to face him, tears began to fill his eyes and he was talking tome but i didnt hear the words i just glared into his eyes. brfore i new it i threw the stuffed animal in his face and got out of the car. i never turned back to see the look on his face no matter how hurt he was, it was nothing compared to how hurt 'I' was.

The author's comments:
this happened around my middle school still here..but i learned alot from this experience and im still learning i was only 14 years old. i was young. i think all the girls going throught this stuff should keep their head up and fight. you suffer now but at the end you think if he did this to me why am i crying for him? he should be crying for me and sometimes you have to force the tears to stop, you get angry at the other girl b/c she ruined every thing you worked for. its hard and everyday someone is another victim.

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