How to be Famous

November 25, 2008
By Eve Sampson, Gainesville, FL

“Oh my God, oh my god here he comes! Here he comes!!! OHMYGAWD! He is sooooo totally hot! He is sooooo famous!” Who are they talking about? Zach Effron? Justin Timberlake? Brad Pitt? Any of these sizzling studs would more than work since all of them are pretty, no, scratch that, REALLY good looking and very, very famous. However even though now each one of them are living in what some might call a “fantasy land”, each of these men have endured and succeeded at the incredibly discouraging and long process of becoming famous, which by the way, is a feat that few have achieved. It all begins like this:

The first step that all famous individuals have taken down the road to superstardom began with landing roles in school plays or, better yet, community theater performances. Nearly all celebrities have stated their progression to fame this way. For instance, Reese Witherspoon of the Legally Blonde movies played Goldilocks in her hometown theater two years in a row.

After the up-and-coming idols have scored positions and earned respect among their hometown peers in community theaters, they then shift their efforts to getting an acting coach and attending acting classes. They also score spots in top notch acting colleges, because if not, well, they don’t exactly turn into celebrities do they? Most of today’s famous actor and actresses attended the prestigious New York Film Academy.

The next step that every celebrity from Pamela Anderson to Jessica Alba takes is the landing of roles for small films and indie movies. You know those dumb school movies that sometimes are forced upon students about Algebra or maybe the process of Photosynthesis? Well who do you think acted in those? Once-on-the-rise stars of today. Can you imagine Jim Carrey trying to teach you that Y = MX B? Well, he did!

In the process of turning into an A-List movie star, this stage either makes or breaks people dreaming of fame. Luckily, it MADE all of today’s personalities that live in today’s bright spotlight. This step requires a nearly unstoppable drive for attention and thirst for positive notoriety. Actors and Actresses now make the decision to up and move to either New York or Los Angeles and locate an agent to represent them. This has proved difficult for some who lack major sex appeal and a perfect smile, which is most likely why all of today’s renowned actors and actresses are drop dead gorgeous.

After all soon-to-be-stars have accomplished that, they all, at this point, land leading roles in major smash hit movies. It is not talent that has got them this far, it is dedication and devotion that has caused present day stars get that far. For Angelina Jolie, it was Tomb Raider, for Mary Kate and Ashley, it was their very own series, whatever movie it was, after stars complete this step, and they are officially movie stars. Now, bring on the autographs, scandals, parties, arrests, and the last, but definitely not least, paparazzi!

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