An Endless Battle

December 17, 2008
By James minasian, Glendale, CA

War is a harsh dispute by organized violence between the military. Our society is degrading in the lives of humanity. Everyday suffering and tragedies happen. Families are lost, soldiers are killed for protecting their country, and peace and harmony no longer exist. Our lives are running out of time and we feel that our emotions are leaving the body like a soul. We are as fragile as our emotions, it can easily be broken.

The most important thing about a war is the people it affects, but everyday we see innocent families dying crying out for it to stop. People will also get the idea that war is what they need and they will start to make more armies so that they can clash with other military armies. Everyday thousands of soldiers are killed and replaced by thousands more. They see the lives of the innocents suffer and know why they fight. Soldiers are true heroes to their countries. The worst to happen is when a mother hears that her son has died during a war. The emotions run out of her, like her life has came to an end and that nothing matters to her anymore. I can’t imagine how a parent would feel when they are given the news that their son, who they raised from a child until now has just died. The feeling is overtaken by a black emptiness that fills up our life.

The War on Iraq started on March 20, 2003 and still hasn’t come to an end. The on reason on this invasion from the U.S.A. is because of Iraqi government of human fights abuses, the spread of democracy, and the oil reserves of Iraq. An upside to this war was the capture and execution of the crudest dictator Saddam Hussein. He tortured many of his people and made them live in fear of him. He executed innocent people. All he wanted was for everyone to fear him and for him to be the most powerful dictator.

Everyday we see many people living in fear of what’s going to happen to them. We should be thankful that we have a nice and grateful life. Everyday we go home to our families with love, but where do soldiers go to everyday? They go fight for us and defend their country. We have a nice and enjoyable mean and go to bed satisfied, but what happens to the soldiers? They sometimes starve and go to bed hopping that they don’t die. We sometimes get upset when were delayed to lunch or snack, but how would these soldiers feel when they hear that they have to stay for another month. We see life in a different view; they don’t look on how others see it. You don’t need sight to picture the harshness and cruelty soldiers go through. War is a gambit; the government tries to seek any way that they can benefit without stopping to realize what the effect of this on society is.

People are becoming animals in our world; our world has been made to nurture not to destroy. God created humanity for equality and in order to help each other we get stronger not by war. Peace is a demand now days. Reality as we speak is clashing for survival. Maybe one day our world will change into something better or worse depending on the effects of today. God gave man a mind, a heart, a will so that he could know, love, and obey God. God wants us to love what he loves and to hate what he hates and therefore he gave us a heart. We have been put on this Earth for a reason and that reason is God. We aren’t here for battle, but for peace and love.

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