The Motherhood

December 17, 2008
By Marissa Mervin, Cambridge, MA

“The Motherhood”

When you grow up without her on your side
Even though she may want to be there and it seems she doesn’t care
You seem to have to walk with a sense of pride
I don’t know how it’s done and it’s extremely hard to bare

I don’t know how they just abandoned and leave
If I were a reflection of her life, I’d surely be miserable indeed…
We are forced to start over and expected to just succeed
I hope that what I am is not just a seed

When she wasn’t coming back I knew that Id forever be alone.
I noticed that she over powers my emotions in such a harsh way
When I sat in my bed all that happened was I seemed to moan
I cry every time I think of the things she did not say

My life has been matured over the course of many years
I have chosen to make achievements over many of her fears

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