Opening My Eyes

December 16, 2008
By Natalie Nielsen, Mesa, AZ

Waking up to the smell of bacon, chocolate waffles, and scrambled eggs. Walking downstairs, still half asleep, with your eyes closed, not seeing what you have right in front of your face. Is this how life should be? Not realizing the countless blessings you have. One Saturday morning, a few years back, I finally got a wake-up call.
I would die for any chance to go over to my cousin’s house. In my eyes it was the most extravagant house in the world! A game room the size of a high school science classroom, with a whole wall of shelves filled with every game imaginable! A secret passage way that goes across the entire house, overflowing with stuffed animals. A huge pool with an awesome diving board, a rope swing, and if you dare, a fake tree that soars high in the sky that you can jump off of. What kind of person wouldn’t want to spend all day at a house like this!?
After we had gone swimming, and had a small snack, we decided to go play an intense game of Hide and Seek. Of course, me being the youngest, I was nominated the “seeker” first. So I went into the corner, closed my eyes, and slowly started counting from one to fifty. As I continued, “eight, nine, ten…” I heard a loud noise. Not knowing what it was i started to think, maybe it was Ashley tripping over some boxes I had seen in the attic earlier that day. I suddenly thought I knew where they were hiding. I smiled as I continued on with eleven and twelve. But before I could get to thirteen I heard screaming and crying. It was my sister. My one and only sister. I stopped counting and ran into the attic. I entered carefully hoping I wouldn’t trip and fall. And I saw some light shining in from what it looked like the garage. The pull down ladder was down. I walked over to the ladder, looked down and saw my sister at the bottom, upside down, her muscles clenching up and tears streaming down her face. I followed my cousin back into the room and we sprinted down the stairs. I went to see Chloe and my cousin went to get my aunt. Few seconds later we were all surrounding Chloe. We rushed her to the car that was only a couple feet away from her head. Sitting in the back seat with my sister, crying her eyes out, was the worst feeling of my life. Everything was going through my mind at that very second. What was going to happen? Was I still going to have an older sister to talk to when times get ruff? Was I going to be able to have a cover sneaking in after my curfew? Was I going to have someone to share all those precious moments with when no one else was around? Tears started to run down my rosy cheeks as all of these questions entered my mind.
We finally got to our house, after my mom, aunt, and grandparents had talked for only a couple moments, they took her to the hospital. I being so young at the time, had to stay home and wait anxiously on to hear what was going to happen. This was the moment where I finally opened my eyes and saw what I had right in front of my face. I never wanted to see it leave.

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