The Chocolate War

December 16, 2008
It all happened one late night. Another sleepover at Shelby’s house, just a mere two days before the starting of their freshman year. They girls sat on the clean bed, in the clean room gossiping about the summer rumors, who was who in the big high school, and most importantly that senior crush! Through the girls giggled and laughed you could not ignore the rumbling of their stomachs, begging for just a little bit of food. That’s when Taylor had a great idea, mid-sentence and excited she blurted out “let’s make some brownies!”
Taylor, Shelby, and Callie escaped from her lighted room on a mission. They creped down the darkened hallway, got to the pantry, eased the door open careful not to make a sign and jumped in! They could find everything they needed to make the best brownies ever in here! As they were gathering materials they murmured and gave ideas on how they supposed they were going to get these chocolaty, heavenly, splendid brownies to the oven and bake them quiet enough. That’s when it all dawned on Callie, why not just eat brownie batter? Now if the girls didn’t think that this was the most insanely good idea Callie had ever had. The girls ran down the hall, each holding a spoon for their treat. They disappeared into Shelby’s room to make the feast.
When all the mixing was completed the girls looked at each other and smiled. They sat back on the bed mixing bowl and all, they began to eat. They smacked and smiled, laughed at each others chocolate smiles. And that’s when it happened! A drip of chocolate off of Taylor’s spoon landed on Shelby’s leg, without thinking Shelby stuck her finger in the chocolate lake and wiped her finger clean across Taylor’s face. The war had begun. Callie sat laughing enjoying her friends little tizzle, that’s when Taylor and Shelby turned on her and got handfuls of mix throwing it at Callie.
Batter flew from one hand and from another. They girls screamed. When the first splat was heard most would have stopped, but why stop now the girls thought? This was way too much fun. They batter flew like an out of control bullet shot from the girls chocolaty hands, landing on anything it could possibly touch, the battle raged on! They screamed and laughed, covered faces and clothes. The whole room dripped chocolate; this was amazing the girls thought.
Now as if throwing brownie batter wasn’t enough for them to do, it got worse. The door creaked open, the girls were having too much fun to even notice who was walking in. As Shelby’s dad crept in the batter flew, until, it hit him. Callie, Shelby, and Taylor turned around, mouths wide open. They laughed but this was no laughing matter, it was 3:30 in the morning and they and Shelby’s room was caked in a chocolate glaze. The only thing that surfaced from Shelby’s dad’s mouth was a loud and booming “GROUNDED”, and he disappeared. The girls sat on the floor, ate what was left and got to scrubbing, they knew that they had an amazing night and it would probably be the start to an amazing year!

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