jumble story

December 15, 2008
By Maricruz Tierrablanca, Austin, TX

Jumble Story

The early spring was already taking its effects on the forest the trees were sprouting new branches. The seeds of the new wild life were emerging from the forest floor. Flowers of a variety of colors were starting to bloom. I could see deep reds, bright yellows, and shimmering shades of pink and purples all around. Being a field environmentalist had its advantages. I could travel all around the world, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. But most importantly I could save what was left of the forests. All of my thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. A voice I would reorganize anywhere.

"Beth can you believe were finally here, in the Red Wood National Forest", said Jacob with an exiting voice it was hard not to smile.

It had always been our dream to one day come and see the Red Wood Forest. Since we became field environmentalist. But now I couldn't believe we were finally here. It was really like a dream come true, but I wouldn't say this to Jacob he would think I was being cheesy. Now I could breath in the fresh sent of wild flowers and pinewood a welcoming aroma not at all overwhelming; like those room scents. I was especially glad I was here with Jacob my fiance, and best friend.

" yes, I know after all those days of torturing hours with Mr. Lebert. But he thought us well; he was especially patient with me. So I'm glad for those torturing hours ", I replied,

"Yes he was an awesome teacher. Hey Beth let's go see the Kelley stream, they say it's one the most richest water here", said Jacob.

We walked for about two miles of were we had originally begun. We saw a couple of shallow tailed kite birds on the way. Their black and white silky feathers shined as the sun hit them, which made them even more beautiful. There wonderful melody filling my ears with perfect musical notes. Jacobs’s long legs made it hard for me to keep up with him. I tried to keep at his pace but failed miserably.

We had to take a couple of breaks on our way. Even though I had insisted him that I didn't need a break. Thanks to my clumsiness and me we took even longer. I kept tripping over the roots of the big Red Wood Trees. The sun was almost down when we finally made it there. Was I really seeing this had my dream turned into a nightmare? Was I having a hallucination, hopefully it was none.

"Jacob.... Jacob", no response.

So I really wasn’t having hallucinations or a nightmare. What I was seeing was all true. I could tell from Jacobs face was as shocked as I was. What was once a clean and beautiful water stream full of life was now gone. All I could see now was car tires, broken chairs, plastic bags, old cloths, shoes, and other things. What I had in my mind of the beautiful pictures I've seen online no longer existed. All that remained was chocolate colored stream with trash everywhere.

"I can't believe this what is wrong with people instead of protecting our planet there making it fall apart," I could tell Jacob was as mad as me, about this.

"We have to report this immediately to the our boss, we can still save this stream," I said to Jacob.

" Lets go back to the hotel and will report this to him. Well probably have to stay here until they arrive with more help. But for now will try to do what we can by ourselves," Jacob replied.

We did what we could for a while. After a week new environmentalist came to help. Most of the field environmentalist knew were here and ones I had never seen before. We did what we could but I knew it was going to take some time before the stream went back to normal. The seasons passed spring turned into summer, summer in to fall, and fall into winter. Then it was time to go back and see what changes the stream had taken.

When we got my eyes were wide with sock. I had no words. The beauty of the river had returned it was like Jacke had described it was one of the richest waters again. I could see the pictures I had looked at on my computer. The beautiful translucent water sparkled. My heart was swollen with joy and a sense of accomplishment at the same time. This was like my own personal paradise with Jacob by my side.


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