Class Night 2008 EG Style

December 15, 2008
In May of 2008, I went to the East Gadsden Class of 2008 class night. I was greatly anticipating it because I was about to be apart of some peoples biggest moments in their life. The mood in the air was so surreal. I was Sitting with a couple of friends, We were all talking before it began, then it started.

First the class president and the vice president came out and were introduced. Then they both started introducing their fellow classmates. Everyone was looking nice and clean like they were dressed for a red carpet movie premiere. My friends and I were all excited to see people that we had grown up with, making one of the biggest steps of their life. Then after the introductions the Class of 2008 fun began.

A few speakers began to get up and talk about the class, then they began to reminiscence. They talked about why and how som of their classmates got their nicknames like one boy was called “M2” because he was too musty. They also talked about how one boy went to the carwash with his muscle car and ended up breaking down. Everyone laughed at that one then they gave class prophecies.

At first they gave a comment about a girl who was pregnant and was going to have to go to Maury to find her baby daddy, then they talked about a futre bookwriter in their class. They said she would be known for her exotic tales and her autobiography would be at the top of the New York Times bestseller it was intitled “Been around the World.”, everyone yelled at that one, the girl stood up and shot a bird and said “F*** all ya'll” she then ran into the locker room. They later announced the prophecies would no longer be announced and then they got down to business giving out the scholarships.

Overall it was a pretty enlightening experience but I've learned during my senior year to make sure I look at the class prophecies so I can make sure my name isn't on there.

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