A Trip With Santa

December 15, 2008
By Zachary Smith, Delta, UT

A Trip with Santa

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It was Christmas Eve and all the little children were asleep in there beds waiting for morning to see all the wonderful things that Santa had brought them, all but one. The one little girl named Mary who was eight years old said that she was too old to believe in Santa Clause.

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And she said to all of her friends, “I’m going to prove that there isn’t a Santa Clause.” And so she waited on Christmas Eve for Santa to come. She waited and waited but he didn’t come. Mary was very tired now from waiting up so long. She decided to lie down and go to sleep.

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She awoke to a strange noise coming from inside the chimney. And just as soon as she had heard the noise, a plump little man dressed all in red, slid out of the chimney. He had a bag full of toys and a belly that jiggled like jelly. She chuckled to herself and thought this isn’t really Santa Clause this is just my dad dressed in a funny suit.

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So to prove that it was just her dad, she snuck over to his bag while he was putting toys under their tree and climbed in. Santa walked over to his bag, picked it up and went back up the chimney. He climbed into his sleigh and with one mighty crack of his whip he was off in a flash.

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She heard a low chuckle and looked out of the bag to see the same little man in front of her. “Where are we?” she said expecting to hear her dad’s voice. “We are on our way to the north pole of course.” said Santa with a chuckle. “I knew that you didn’t believe in me so I decided to take you there and show it to you.”

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They landed softly on the ground outside Santa’s workshop. Then strange little people came to help Santa with the sleigh and reindeer. “Who are all these little people?” asked Mary ever so sweetly. “Why they are my special little helpers that make all the toys. They are called elves.” Santa replied with a smile. “Now let’s go and see where all of the toys are made.”

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They went in and started to take the grand tour of the factory. “This is where all the toys that children find on Christmas morning are made.” said Santa pointing to a room filled with elves and tools. “After the tools are made they go to my bag and are there till Christmas Eve when I go out to deliver them to the children of the world that had been good all year.”

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Mary was struck with aw. She couldn’t believe that this place was real. She started to cry. “Santa,” she said with a sob, “I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you. Please don’t take my presents away.”

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Now Santa being the wise man that he was said to Mary, “Mary, it’s not the presents or even me that makes Christmas so wonderful, it’s about giving and wanted to give. You see, the true joys of Christmas can’t be found by receiving gifts from others, it is about giving the gifts of your heart to others.

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Mary started to cry more. “Now Mary, why are you crying?” said Santa in a sweet warm voice. “Because,” she said with a whimper, “Now I wont get home in time for Christmas.” And Santa chuckled and said, “Now Mary, how do you think I get around the world so fast?”

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And as soon as he had said it, she was back in her bed with her mom waking her gently. “Mary” said her mother softly, “Its Christmas.” Mary woke. And she had the best Christmas ever. But not because of the gifts that she got, but the gifts that she gave.


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