December 15, 2008
My teacher once told me that I was a good writer. In school, however, we rarely had time to pick up a pen, let alone write a story. So I tried writing for myself, but I found that I wanted to share my work. Weather it was good or bad, stories are meant to be read. Plain and simple. Case closed. That's what they're for.
One day I logged onto google. It's the lazy way around the internet, which makes it a perfect match for me. I was in search for place to share my work. I type in "teen writing" and press search. TeenInk.com is the first result. I ignore it because it seems to good to be true. A website called "TeenInk?" No way. It's a scam.
I mindlessly click around. Find nothing. Absolutely nothing. Hours pass. Still nothing. Days pass. Nothing. Weeks pass. Nothing, nothing, nothing! So I try again. I type "teen writing" for the second time, only this time, my fingers are tired and want to take a nap from all that typing. TeenInk.com pops up again. First one on the list. To good to be true. Scam! Scam! Scam! I tell myself. But it was too late. The little black arrow on my monitor has a mind of it's own. I tell it to stop, but it wont listen. I try consulting with it, pleading with it, downright on the floor begging it to not click on the link, to not get my hopes up.
Click- what a bad little arrow.
It loads.
I enter a new world.




It's beautiful. It's purple! Purple's my favorite color isn't it? I couldn't remember. My mind was on overdrive. No, better yet, hyperdrive. And to top that, I was hyperventilating! I was reading. I was submitting. I was fumbling through my mother's purse for her credit card to subscribe, but there was no luck. It wasn't there. I had to subscribe! I just had to! I went through different schemes in my head to get yet another magazine subscription, but I knew from experience that my mom wouldn't budge on that one. I was devoted to three others! A fourth love just wasn't possible.
All the same, I still had TeenInk.com to read. It became my bible. My anti-drug. I worshiped TeenInk.com

I get home from school- I log on.
I get home from dance- I log on.
I get home from dinner- I log on.

When I'm not logged on, I wish I were. I crave the stories. The wonderful stories written by my peers! What's better than that?

Gosh, it just roll's right off your tongue.

What would we do without it?

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