Memory Place

December 15, 2008
By Anonymous

A.j’s house it was my birthday and I was going over there for a surprise. I remember walking down the stairs to go to his bedroom to look behind his door just like he told me to do. When I got to his room I looked behind the door and there I found a dozen roses and a diamond heart necklace and a card from him. I broke down seeing that stuff it was so sweet, I even started to cry, but the tears were happy ones. Later on in the day he took me to dinner in McCook. There we ate at a steakhouse with not that many people so we had a lot of alone time together. I remember sitting there just staring at him and thinking that this moment couldn’t get any better. It smelled of just off the grill steaks and mashed potatoes and corn. We ate salads at the beginning than we got are meals. When we left the restaurant I could smell his cologne the smell its self just put me in a trance. We got into his car to go back to his house and from there we were just going to sit there and watch movies just the two of us. The only problem was when we got home there were other people there so we just had to watch movies in his room. The softness of the bed is still in my memory it was a little cold in there, but we just laid there and cuddled. Everything in the world just seemed to be perfect at that very moment nothing seemed to go wrong you could just feel the love. As we got closer to town we went to Steve’s video to get a couple movies to watch. We finally made it to his house and went downstairs to watch the movies, but couldn’t seem to finally watch one. People were just pouring in the house so we decided we would just hang out with people instead of watching movies. As the night went on we were hanging out with people, talking and socializing. It was about 11 p.m. when I and he started to get tired and he asked me as we laid on his bed, if I wanted a back rub, of course I did, so I said yes. The touch of his hands on my back was so passionate it almost made me go to sleep. Everybody at the house kept on saying that they could see the affection that we had for each other and that it was one of a kind. Hearing this made everything seem right in that moment. Well the wonderful night finally came to an end and we woke up to another wonderful day.

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This article has 1 comment.

Amy Kate said...
on Jan. 25 2009 at 12:10 am
The basis to this story is cute but it really doesnt make sense at one point your laying on his bed watching movies then you say you stopped at the video story. you may want to work on the order of you story.Your grammar and sentance order is kinda messed up some of the time too.


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