December 15, 2008
By Jayson Stettler, Sedan, KS

I awaken by opening my eyes and looking around hoping for some reason school wouldn’t resume today. But my wish didn’t come true, I had about thirty minutes to get ready for school. Everything seemed to be going as usual, mom rushing to go to work, dad watching the news, and my sister upstairs wasting her time with makeup. School is only a black away but since I have a car so I decided to drive anyways. But before going to school, I ran by the gas station to grab a snack. While I was in the gas station I over heard our principle talking about a storm heading this way. I didn’t believe him though, there was no way I could seeing as how there was not a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining. After leaving the gas station I head off to school, again as usual there were busses dropping off kids, parents walking with their children, and the obvious chaos in the parking lot as everyone tries to enter and leave at the same time. While walking from my car to the school, everyone seemed in a good mood. Kids laughing and joking around and even teachers were smiling and having a good time I had no clue why but instead of asking I just went along with it. As I was getting to my first hour class, which is English the bell rings. English isn’t my best class but I take my seat and prepare my self to be bored to death for the next hour. The time seemed to go by slower and slower but as soon as I knew it the bell rang and class was over. The halls were filling up quicker and quicker, everyone rushing from one class to another. But what no one seemed to realize was that it was getting darker and darker outside. It made me think about what the principle said earlier that morning about there being a storm coming our way. Now I’m the kind of person who likes storms, but this one I had a weird feeling about, I don’t know why but something didn’t feel right. Before I realized it the bell was ringing and I was late for 2nd hour. I took off running down the hallway when all of a sudden it thunders really loud and the electricity goes out. It was pitch dark, I couldn’t see but a foot in front of me, so I took time to let my eyes adjust before deciding where to go. As I stood there waiting I realized that there wasn’t a sound to be heard. My first reaction was that everyone was just at class. But that didn’t seem right because everyone knows when the lights go out it seems to make everyone louder. “So where did everyone go?” Before I could answer myself I heard a faint noise coming from a distance. It was the tornado siren and I started to freak out. I knew what to do because we just went over the drill the other day. I am supposed to go down stairs and squeeze next to everyone while ducking down. But to me that didn’t sound too safe. So instead of doing what I was told I took off running out the door and across the bridge. As I got inside I saw Courtney Werts sitting there crying. I thought about stopping but instead I kept on running. As I did I saw Katie Brim, she was screaming as loud as she could, which over powered the tornado siren. I made my way into the old gym, where I knew I could get under the cement bleacher and would be safe. It was dark in there so I couldn’t see. I was waiting to let my eyes adjust but for some reason it wasn’t working. While sitting there I was getting all freaked out, I knew I needed to calm down so in order to do that I started singing “Ain’t no mountain high” in a quiet voice. It seemed to work and I was calming down, until someone joined me. I stopped quickly, I thought I was alone. I asked “who are you?” no one replied for what seemed an eternity, which was only a few minutes until someone said “hey.” I jumped to the sound of the voice, I didn’t know what to do but at that time I didn’t have a choice. The tornado was almost there, it sounded like a train coming at full speed blasting through houses. The building starts to shake and you can hear the roof fly off. In that instant I thought I was dead. I couldn’t move or anything and I didn’t know what to do I was under all of this debris, and I was almost certain that since I didn’t do what I was told that no one knew I was over here. At that moment I realized that my life may never be the same. I asked myself “will I ever see my mom rushing for work, dad watching the news, and my sister upstairs wasting her time with her make up?”

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Amy Kate said...
on Jan. 25 2009 at 12:15 am
Im confused. Who was with you? what happened it doesnt end.

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