Mystery Laundry

December 22, 2008
I’m guessing that all of you have at least done one load of laundry in your lifetime. Well that was my chore for the summer, LAUNDRY. Except the day I did that load of laundry I found something strange in the washer.

It was a normal summer day, the kind of day were you want to spend the whole day outside swimming or riding your bike with your friends. And I was stuck inside doing laundry, my most hated chore of all. I had all of the clothes sorted out: Mom and Dad’s clothes, my clothes, the whites, and the towels. I grabbed the first pile, which happened to be Mom and Dads, thank God, because I wouldn’t have wanted my clothes to be washed with what was in there. I trudged the clothes back to the washer and dryer. I noticed that the cap to the laundry detergent was gone. So I stuck my hand down in he washer, and moved it around in search for the cap. All of the sudden I heard a little noise.

Not thinking any thing of it. I fished out the cap and continued with the laundry and my other chores. By the time my mom got home, I had finished all the other jobs, except I had forgotten about that load of laundry. Mom asked me about it.
“I forgot to finish it,” I told her.
She gave me “the look” she always gives me when I do something wrong. Then she walked back to the washer and dryer to finish my chore.

She happened to find a little black creature clung to the side. I only remember her yelling for my dad to get it out,

“Ray, come get this thing out!”

Hearing how he killed it and the fact that it stayed alive through the whole wash cycle.

To this day every time I go to do a load of laundry I get the chills. I picture the little black creature stuck there, frozen, afraid of the world. I always hope the cap is there.

Thinking, I’m so glad that I didn’t touch it. Well at least I hope not.

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