Live forever or love forever

January 2, 2009
By Tavleen Dhinsa, Mississauga, ZZ

Love or life. The ever wanted choice of immortality, or the want for eternal true love. We as human take precious life for granted thinking that we will live to see one another, to do the same work, and to answer the same things again and again. Yet we’re not willing to believe that there is such a thing as true love but is lust. Do we want to live till the sun dies- seeing all the great wonder of the future- or until we die blissfully happy and passionately in love. Die never- seeing the future- or die young happily in love?

So what is eternal love? Certainly not what’s portrayed in those cheesy songs played on the everyday airways? Or is it that? The butterflies, the sweet hugs, soft kisses, and two minds connecting as one, the respect and adoration for one another… this is love. Love for a friend, a relative, a boy/ girlfriend, a pet, love comes in all different packages. The warm love you keep for your mother versus the sweet love for your partner all established under the wanting to love and be loved forever. Why do we as human not want but need love. What is it in that powerful emotion that makes our day’s that they are? Morning and first lights, promises to take care, and those simple vows create the standard love story. But love is a lot more. Those small sighs, private looks only known by one another, twined hands, and simple acts of kindness are the real untold parts, of a modern and old time love. We’ve all had those moments, hidden or told, kept for us forever. Fictional love stories have also touched us in a way we’ll never forget. Twilight’s Bella swan and Edward Cullen’s love story is the type of love that makes life worth living. That makes the day look a whole lot better, the flowers a bit brighter day by day, an the sky a whole lot bluer. A little sacrifice a little compromise, this is love.

So why is there the want of eternal life? To see life one hundred, one thousand years from now. The thrill and the pleasure of living an extra day than someone else, provides us with knowledge and power. But if we all were to live forever, than what would be the point of life? What would be the point of loving, or even breathing if we knew we’d be here forever? Time changes people, places, and feelings, in a good or bad way. The love you may feel one day for a person could be gone the next day. Who really controls these things? Though we cannot say that over time the bonds will strengthen, and not weaken or have the opposite effect. Immortality is wanted by all of us, even me. We all want to live forever and the rest of the world to as well. If there was a way to live forever, we certainly would have found it by now. A sacred pool of youth, a chemical, a spell, if there was a way we’d all pay to have it. Though there is no way to live forever- except be a vampire or werewolf (thank you twilight) - there are ways to increase our life span. Live well, eat healthy, and be a generally all over happy person can increase your calendar days.

We don’t have a hold on fate, but we can have a hold on our destiny. Do one kind deed to a stranger a day. Show compassion for others not less as beings but who need a hand to guide the way. BE a guide, a handbook, and a heart full of love all in one and make the world a better place. Love happily, live freely, and enjoy life to its fullest. As We the Kings once sang,
“Don’t waste your time,
Speed up your breathing,
Just close your eyes,
We’ll hope it’s not for nothing at all.”

The author's comments:
When i was writing this i really didnt know what i was doing. I just went with the flow, and did what i wanetd too.

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