An Over-Abundant Supply of Zuccinis

December 29, 2008
By Carey Schommer, Brandon, WI

In about the year 2005, my family planted a huge garden on our new, country property that we had waited 18 years for. We planted carrots,green beans, beets, cabbage and many other things as well. We also planted four zuccini mounds not realizing that this was much more that enough, even though we were a family of eight. We ended up with more zuccinis than we could count! Zuccinis! Of all the things you can plant extra of, it had to be zuccinis! :( Every day we would go out to the bursting two foot high zuccini plants and pick ten foot long by 30 inche wide zuccinis! Well, maybe that's a little exagerated. It was probably only two feet long. But still!
We all were becoming sick of eating cut up zuccinis and tomatoes with melted cheese. Yes, it was delicious, but we finally decided that we'd had enough of it. It was just unbearable! Each and every family or individual that set foot on out five acre lot, were asked if they wanted a giant zuccini otr two, or three, Every day, we brought loads and loads of zuccinis into our white sided old farm house.
Our final decision was to play a joke on some family. The joke was to shove zuccinis into their mailbox at night. What a great trick, huh? But, one question lie floating around, who could we do it to?
After much pondering, we thought of the most PERFECT family. A famkly that I have known my whole life. It was a family of 12 people!! And since then, they have grown to 14 people!!Surely they could eat a couple zuccinis!
That night, we loaded a garbage bag as well as a laundry basket full of zuccinis into our good old black suburban. The four oldest piled in. I was about eleven at the time and was lucky to be able to go along! When we neared their house, we turned the lights off and snuck up to their mailbox. By this time, we were already splitting gut. We shoved and crammed ALL of the zuccinis into the mailbox and around the bottom. And wherever else they would fit. We all took a quick peek at the house and saw shadows by the windows looking out at us, probably wondering what the heck we were doing! When we were done with our "masterpiece" we hurredly jumped into our suburban. As we speed off, we glanced back at the mailbox, and started to laugh even harder. The shape was completely discombobulated. The zuccinis were sticking out every which way making it look like a three year old had drawn a silhouette of.... I don't even know what! We laughed so hard that our stomachs were in pain.
The next morning, we found ot the family had discovered who had dumped the zuccinis on them. It probably wasn't very hard to figure out though. The mother wasn't too delighted with us. One of the kids suggested that maybe we were just trying to be nice. But the mom very clearly pointed out that someone does NOT drop 30 or 40 zuccinis in your mailbox in the middle of the night to be nice!
Later, I asked my friend what in the world they did with all of those "lovely" zuccinis? She informed me that they threw most of them away. But used some for fall decorations.
It has even crossed our minds to plant an extra special zuccini plant JUST for that family..... After all we are just trying to be nice! :)
We got a good laugh out of it that's for sure! We also learned an important lesson, NEVER, EVER plant more that two mounds of zuccinis at a time, unless you plan to eat zuccinis for the rest of your life!!:)

The author's comments:
I am 14 years old. I live out in the country and have lots of animals. We have four horses and lots of chickens. We always plant a big garden and try to use as much of our land as possible. Some of my favorite things are snowmobiles, jet-skis, dirtbikes, fourwheeler, flowers and horses. I love being outside and hope to someday have a huge horse ranch.

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