Second Nature

December 29, 2008
I don't remember when I started writing. I remember when I was little my brothers where always writing, Stories of great nights and haunted house. I always thought they where stupid boys. Who could sit for hours just writing. I didn't understand them
When I hit the sixth grade my teacher said we had to write poems. Every week we would have a new assignment, 'Write about the rain forest' She would always chirp. 'Write about something that means something to you'.
So I would sit down with a pen and pad, Silence fell across my room and I would sit there trying to write. I found out it was pretty easy.
Then I started liking it. I would write poems for fun. Give them to my friends to see. They said I was so good and they couldn't understand how I did it.
In the seventh grade my teacher made us write short stories about our friends and random fun. So like I did with the poems I would sit down in a room and work. Now its my second Nature
Then I grew. I started writing stories for fun. Giving it to my friends. They said that I was better at writing stories then I was at writing poems.

They told me my stories where good enough to get published. I said I might be good but I wasn't that good. “Oh give it a shot” They would say. “It cant hurt”
Now writing is a second nature to me. Now I understand why my brothers would sit down and write. Its a great stress reliever. And even if I don't get my books published, It doesn't help to dream.

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