December 26, 2008
I heard the thudding sound of his heavy footsteps coming slowly in my direction. My eyes widened in horror, and I began to increase my speed as I tried my hardest to further myself from him. As my legs began to run faster and faster, I could hear the thump thump of my heart’s quick rhythm pounding from my chest. His footsteps became louder and I knew he was catching up to me. I had to push myself farther. Beads of sweat started to drip slowly down my face and back, and my breathing became heavier as my speed was ever increased.

As I ran I could think of nothing but my own safety, I knew if I slowed down now it would all be over. I had to keep moving, regardless of the pain that was creeping up my calves and thighs I have to push myself further on. With every step I took my legs would quiver, and my breathing would get worse, the heat coming from my body felt like I had been thrown into a burning oven but I could not stop now. Not ever.

As I ran I could faintly hear the deep rumble of his voice in the distance full of hostility and malice. As I closed my eyes I could picture his rough face covered in leathery skin and his wiry veins popping out from his tightly packed muscles. If he caught me there would be no chance of an escape, I would be no match against his indestructible frame. I opened my eyes and began to push myself further I could not let him beat me. Determined, I ran as fast as I could, pushing past the pain and exhaustion. Cramps started to form in my stomach but I ignored them forever intent on getting away from those heavy footsteps coming closer and closer.

The sweat began to drip into my eyes blurring my vision and with every breath I took my throat burned. The aching in my legs increased, I needed to stop, my body could not take much more, but I could not bring myself to slow down, even for a second.
“Faster, faster!” I thought frantically to myself he was coming closer I could not stop now.

With the last burst of strength that I had left I pushed with all of my might, and I was as fast as I had ever been before. My legs no longer hurt the new burst of adrenaline was taking control replacing my weariness with a new ounce of strength. I began to smile, I would make it! I would beat him I…beep, beep, beep.

My heart stopped at the sound of the timer ringing in my ears. My body suddenly froze, and I was whipped off my feet and landed on the hard ground with a thud. I opened my eyes dizzily and stared up at his cruel, dark face looking down on me. I whimpered in fear, it was over, all over. He lowered his face to mine and checked the timer. He began to smile his sadistic smile and his penetrating eyes looked down on me. His voice came into my ears full of evil.

“Nice try.” He laughed viciously. “You almost beat your record. Too bad you fell at the end. I must say though, I’m impressed.” My heart beat wildly as I stared into his cold, unforgiving eyes. His voice spoke to me again. “I think,” he said slowly, and clearly. “That you are done with the treadmill today”. “ I sighed in relief, I was exhausted, I needed a rest. He spoke again. “I’m thinking, we should do some more bench pressing and crunches.” My eyes widened and my mouth dropped in shock. “And maybe” he continued “Some squats, calf presses, and definitely some lunges to work out your hamstrings. Believe me, when I’m done with you today, you will be ready to beat your time tomorrow.” My body went rigid at his horrible words. I felt myself get up and grab my gym bag on the floor. “Where are you going?” He asked in his cruel savage voice. I ignored him, and pushed past his powerful figure. The adrenaline kicked back into my body as I opened the door and stepped into the bright sunlight outside of the gym. I sighed in contentment, at the thought of a full McDonalds meal just waiting for me only a few blocks away.

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