December 5, 2008
By kaylee kemp, Houston, TX

Why?? Why?? Why?? Why can't you do this? The science worksheet was implanted in my head. My friend taunted me with every wrong answer, and for the correct ones, said nothing. I am passing science with a low "A." The rest of the class, with high "A's." "I can do this!!!" I thought to myself. Deep down, I knew I had the ability to finish the paper, but my friend held me back. The frustration rose. I felt my face grow hotter, hotter, every second.
I was heartbroken at the fact that my friend didn't think I was smart enough. I knew I had the ability, but did she?? NO!!! She didn't even care! My voice became cross when I talked to her. I couldn't take the instruction anymore! What was I supposed to do?? I've already told her to stop! What was I supposed to do?? She couldn't NOT be my friend! I was torn between ignoring her and continuing to feel like a stick. What was I supposed to do??
She's only in my Science class. Only one period to not do work for myself. RING!!! Yes!!! Freedom! Yes!!! Independence! My other six classes I get to do my own work, get my own grade, and pass my own tests. Freedom...sweet freedom.

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