A Road Trip

December 5, 2008
By elijah sizemore, BAtesville, IN

OK so my cell phone rings. “So I answer it I said hello who this be”. A scratchy high pitch voice answered it he said its Kyle little bro what you been up to. I said nothing really “chillin like a villain”. He said, “cool like breeze”. So what’s up with you been up to. He said working and parting and staying home with Crissy and dad and sis.

Oh well that’s pretty cool. Kyle asked me if we could go for a ride “I said hold on, I grabbed the keys text mom and told Kyle to be sitting outside for me to come and get him”. I picked Kyle and Crissy up, and Kyle’s phone rings he said hello and he said its Travis he wants us to pick him up to I said ok that’s fine. We pick up Travis and we go for a road trip in the GMC. AT this point were hill hopping and I see the most amazing hill ever im going about forty-five were flying over the hill we land in a big mud puddle
were doing donuts in the mud.

Of course we have seat belts on were going in circles and they’re all thinking sick (Im going to be sick). I stop the doors fly open and the seat belt that’s holding Travis, like snaps and he throws up in the mud. So it started raining and then it started lighting. And I hate lighting .So I switch seats with Travis and he drives. We go and lift at Travis’s house and we stay there until like 3:30 in the morning. We stated playing Xbox360 at3: 45.Well we played until like 6:00 we played Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 on and off line.In the end I learnd not to steal the keys from mom with out permission and I got ground for 2 months .

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