i'm Tired

December 4, 2008
Life. What is life? Many people say I talk about it too much. Many say I’m too serious all the time. What is life? A good life is what you can have if you’re lucky, to be able to have anything you want, to be able to get along with your surroundings with out any trouble. I’m tired of my life.

I’m tired of never getting things I want. I’m tired of trying to do good when nobody cares. I’m tired of coming home every evening hearing the same pointless lectures. I’m sick of friends, sick of never having any end to this routine of mine. I’m tired of being poor. I’m tired of people thinking they’re hardcore when I don’t see no action happening. Just talking? That’s pathetic if you think about it. I’m sick of messing with the same girl everytime I need comfort when trouble comes to me. I’m so tired sick of my father and his habit. I’m tried of living sadly. I’m tired of being mad all the time. I’m tired of my family. I’m tired of not being old enough to get out my own house. I’m tired of not being able to drive, and even if I could I would have no car to use. I’m tired of drowning in my sorrow. I’m tired of hearing every pointless comeback when I complain about my life. Basically I am sick of everything and everyone. It is my life and I don’t know how to live it any other way. I’m not sad or depressed if you’re thinking that. I’m just fed up with all the nonsense in my life. Life. It is just the reason why I’m focusing on school. So maybe I could change my life into a good life, to be able to live happily. How I felt about the choice. I would say I feel great about it. There’s no regret to my choice.

As a result I’ll be the bad guy, I’ll be the one to be blamed, and I’ll be the one to hate. It doesn’t matter, it is not the first time and it’s not so bad. At least I know it’s the right thing to do.

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