The story with no name

December 4, 2008
By Brandie P, Utica, NY

Beginning Shadow
She covered her eyes with her hand, from the sun beam burning her eyes. Lying on the ground, near her mother’s grave, she feels the warmth from the leaves she laid on. Her thoughts pass through her mind of that fateful day, the small clouds pass by the sun as the sky darkens, and it starts to softly rain. The rain slides down her face, slightly ticking her cheeks. Moving her hand away from her eyes slowly, she uncovers only her right eye. She opens her eyes after a rest, and sees a black shadow forming over her body. Somewhere in a deep, horse voice, she hears her name being called “Zero.”
She sits up, chills going up and down her body wondering who called her “Hello, who is there?” In a scared tone, the grass brushing against her legs, the wind harshly was pushing her purple hair in her face. She moves it behind her ears, trying to keep sight of whoever was there. Starting to hear noises from coming from the other gravesite, since it was divided by gender. Loud creaking noises she jumps up even more scared, now hearing noises from the barred gate to the mausoleum. She hears screaming from underneath her, grabbing her stuff darting for the door to the exit of the graveyard. Her drawing pad falls out, landing on the ground.
She pulls the lock off, and then opens the door going out. Turning around throwing the lock back on, then pushes the bottom up holding the top, locking it. She runs to the gravesite keeper’s building, putting the key down on his desk, walking to the door, having the doorknob in her palm. Looking back, whispering “I will see you next week Mom.”
She walks out closing the door, the rain now pouring down on her. Amane is at home, watching the news talking about the storm about to come in. “The temperature is ten degrees Fahrenheit, and getting worse, comments about a serious storm. I suggest everyone get home and lock all doors and windows, I repeat lock all doors and windows.” He jumps up, running to the door quickly grabbing his coat sliding his shoes on.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story with my own imagination, and i'm interested in the japanese culture. Which explains the names, i'm still a work in progess; but this is part of my story and people seem to like it so far. Thank you for reading it, and if you like please tell me. ^^

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tay_taybby said...
on Jan. 13 2009 at 2:54 pm
i love the story i cant wait to read more. love ya Brandie bby

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