Missing You

December 2, 2008
By Trakia Tucker, Dardanelle, AR

I hear you, but you're not there. I feel your warmth from your strong desiring glare.

I look for you all around, but you're so far away, that you're no where to be found.

I hear your laughter ringing in my ears, but when I talk back, it suddenly desappears.

There's a desire deep within me that needs to see your face, to see your warm brown eyes starring into mines. To listen to your heartbeat, just one more time. Just to know that our heart beats at the same time.

I remeber your touch and how it sent chills down my spine. Leaving me breathless, and happy deep down inside.

Begging for just one more chance. Just one more chance to hold your hand, see your extra-ordinary smile, to hear your laughter, and to see your glowing face. But my hopes and wishes are unheard.

So many things I want to ask you. Are you being treated right? Do you ever miss me? Do you think of me anytime? Did you think of me before you did what you did?

I talk to nobody about how much I miss you.

The author's comments:
Writing this, I cried so much. That's because thinking about it hurts me, and tears me up deep inside. It's hard losing someone you love, not being able to talk to them when you really want to.

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