Two Hunters and a Moose

December 2, 2008
By Jack Pearce, Ashland, WI

One may think this is a story about a two hunters Canada moose; but it is not; it’s about two hunters that at meat a friendly moose.
It was a beautiful winter day in northern Canada. One hunter was sitting on an old stump. This hunter’s name was Jack. While he was sitting there looked up the tree and saw the other hunter looking for some moose. His name was Jim and he was Jack’s dad. Jim got down from the tree and said, “There is a three of moose over northwest of us.” The hunters decided to go northwest to get a bull moose. They walked for a mile in two feet of snow. Jack said,” feels like it my toes are going to fall off. When they came to a valley they looked. There in the valley they saw about ten moose. When Jack was just about to shoot at a moose. Out of nowhere a pack of wolves came at them. They saw the wolves and they started to run for their lives. They couldn’t run fast enough in the deep snow. The wolves surrounded them. The wolves looked hungry for Jack and Jim. One wolf jumped toward Jim. Out of nowhere a bull moose went after the wolf, knocked it on its face and killed it with its large antlers. All the wolves went after the Bull Moose. As the moose got surrounded, he charged towards the biggest wolf. The other wolves saw him charge so they all started to run away. The moose returned to its herd. Jack said to his father, “As long as I live, I will never hunt a single moose again.”
This tale shows that all animals shouldn’t be hunted. Even though they might taste good they could help if ever being attacked by wolves.

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