My Little pupppy

December 2, 2008
By Maricela Garcia, Boise, ID

Have you ever lost some thing toys, family, and pets? I have lost a cute little shiatsu. I didn’t exactly lose it. It died.
His name was Niko was a little baby. He was as cute as the stars. He was small and fluffy like grass that hasn’t been cut in a year. His eyes were like marbles. His breath is like baby breath. He feels like a pillow. He smells like strawberry shampoo.

We got him for Christmas. We were so happy we bought him every thing you could possibly mange as if he was a god or some thing. My sister over feed him so we would be healthy it seemed as if she wanted him to get fat. The thing with my sister and my brother is that we were always fitting on how would clean his poop.

When it was thanks giving, my step dad gave my dog a little bone. As day go past he seemed to get sick so my mom took him to the vet we figured out that that little bone was stuck in his throat. My mom wanted my dog to go to sleep. I did not know anything until my mom picked us up crying. When she told me what happened I was heart broken. My mom hade to pay the vet to put to sleep she sold my flat screen TV. Now she doesn’t want any more animals because it hearts her to see them die.

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