My Black Cat R.J.

December 2, 2008
Once so long ago, I was coming home from a Boise State football game last year in October, we were nearing the house when my dad stomped on the brake. I got out seeing what happened and we found a black kitten dazed from the tire being 2 inches away from his head being flattened into a pancake. I picked him up, took him home, and called the animal shelter but they would not take a black cat during October because sick, disgusting people like to kill black cats for Halloween. Therefore, I have decided to take care of him until November.

Then November came, and the whole family was attached to my black cat that I have named R.J. for no apparent reason I have named him that name. R.J. now has a nice, warm home that he looks forward to coming to every night when we let him out in the morning. He has a his own house which is just a medium sized dog house with a door so he can be warm and so very, very cozy inside, and so he can have his privacy without my sister picking him up all the time.

Inside I have decorated because if I let my sister decorate my cat’s house she would make it all girly. However, inside his house it has one of those mini flashlights inside that we can turn of on the outside, he has a red velvet plush pillow inside on the right hand corner of the house. The left hand side is where his food dish and his water dish is where we can easily access from where I have cut out part of the plastic room and put a door flap right there.

The months went by and we still did not get rid of my cat (thank god). When Christmas came, we dressed up R.J. with one of those little Santa hats that come on those little Santa reindeer and I attached a string to it to put on so when he runs the hat will not fall off. The hat will not stay on perfect though; it always tilts to the right a little, which just makes him even cuter as my cousin would say.

This is what I have done for the lost black kitten that my dad almost crushed from his vehicle that I have raised to what he is now. R.J. is now calm and mellow instead of being frightened, and on full alert when I have first brought him into my home. Now these days he is always off playing around with the other cats in the neighborhood and fighting with others. I told my dad that we should order some of this metal cat armor (with tail guard) from Japan on eBay, it only weighs 1 pound for some strange reason so when he gets in fights with the other cats for territory he would win the whole neighborhood!

This was my little story on how I found my cat, and how I have raised him for a year now.

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