The Sneaky Ballet (how to sneak in after curfew)

December 2, 2008
After a marvelous night of partying, it comes to a down fall when you realize that now you have to sneak back into the house, while everyone is sleeping, not making a single noise. You turn off the car, and enter the house through the front door, and thank God for all those ballet classes you had to take as a kid.
As you walk in the door, surprise symphony starts in the background. Now the ballet starts. You slowly reach down and kick of your four inch heels, and rise for you début performance. On your tiptoes, you make your way up the stairs to your room. And don’t forget that first… step. In your despite attempt no to wake your parents, you dance on the loudest step in the house, causing the loudest possible creek that could be heard from Timbucktoo. After cringing at the ghastly noise you decide to proceed.

As we all know, no ballet is complete unless it has animals in it. As you reach the top of the starts, don’t forget you are not entering the domains of the family dog. Between the times of ten pm and five am, he is free to lie where ever he wishes. That being said, watch out! You trip over the dog causing you to land flat on your face into the ground. You look back to find him giving you the I-was-sleeping-you-humans-keep-waking-me glare. At the time you feel like screaming every swear that can come to mind at that lazy mutt, but, you must hold it in, someone is now up.

You hear someone moving up stairs in your parent’s room, and now you must dance faster than you ever danced before. You get up and do a breath holding leap across the hall way, gracefully landing in a perfect pleay. You do one elegant spin and then grab the door knob to your room. As you turn it the lights go on above the stairs to your parents’ room. You quickly but silently shove the door open.
After skipping into your room you hear footsteps proceeding down the stairs. You dare not to turn the lights on so you keep them off. You think you see the shadow of your bed and a tee shirt on your dresser. It is now time for the grand finale. In one swift movement, you leap to your dresser while taking your shirt off. You grab the tee shirt, put it on and then, leap to your bed, landing perfectly under the covers.

You pull the covers over your legs to hide the jeans you’re wearing and pull the covers up to you neck. The footsteps proceed to your door and you pretend to be sleeping. You hear the door open and can feel the presence of someone there. After a few moments the intruder leaves. You lay there in your bed, as you hear the standing ovation of the audience to your version of surprise symphony.

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