The Saint of Poetry

December 1, 2008
By Sarah Waller SILVER, Gainesville, Georgia
Sarah Waller SILVER, Gainesville, Georgia
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When I was younger, I loved Kyle’s closet. For one thing, it was big enough to walk in, something neither Todd nor I had. And secondly, Kyle always had cool stuff worth exploring. Bead collections, big books with pretty covers, and those little cars with the street boards were always my favorites. Sometimes I would just sit on the floor and look through his middle school yearbooks and read the cute things his friends wrote about him. One day while I was getting out the little toy cars I saw something written on his wall. Behind his hanging clothes read “Nowhere to go, nothing to wear.” I was instantly impressed because I was taught from a very young age to never write on the walls. Kyle was being rebellious, something the little good-girl part of me was afraid to do! I continued on, figuring that he had not written anything else. For Kyle wouldn’t do that, he was initially a good kid. But as I was on my way out, I noticed something behind the door. I closed it and discovered that he had written a very large poem on the wall behind the door. I did give Kyle credit for trying to hide it; I had been in that closet many times before and never noticed it. So there I stood in Kyle’s closet reading the un-titled poem. After a minute or two, I stood back in amazement. My gosh, I thought to myself, my brother is an amazing writer. I could not believe he wrote that poem all by himself. The creativity alone was… amazing! From that moment on, I thought was brother was the Saint of Poetry!

Of course a year or two later, mom gently informed me that Kyle did not actually write the poem. It’s apparently a very well known poem by a very well known poet. So, Kyle was no longer a Saint, but he was still a good writer. Need proof? Proof rests in the guest bedroom of my grandmother’s house. There one can find a poem by Kyle framed and hanging on the wall. And as my younger self once thought, only the best gets put in a frame.

The author's comments:
I write many things that I store away in my computer for no one to find. I found this today, and it brought me so much happiness.

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