An Unforgettable Experience?

December 1, 2008
Have you ever remembered something so vividly and not know the exact reason why you remember it? This is how my nonfictional narrative begins. My narrative takes place when I turned nine years old. My Mother and I took an outing to the park, which was a ways to travel from where we lived in our old house. This park was filled with families trying to enjoy a summer outing the same as my Mother and me. My Mother so thoughtful and caring filled a basket full of food which later on we were going to eat at the park under a stunning summer sky. She filled it to the pinnacle with roasted turkey, which had been cooking since that morning, buttered rolls, and sugar cookies for dessert.

Upon our arrival to the park my Mother and I checked the car for anything that may have been left behind and then started towards the center of the park. While walking I could smell the freshly trimmed grass. It makes me think of stepping out onto a baseball field for the first time in a tournament and playing all day. I could see the other families enjoying the marvelous day. On the same date as our outing a family reunion occurred. This family, which consisted of numerous members, made boisterous noise while commemorating each others company. After a brief yet uplifting walk because of all the glorious scenery we established our food on a pinstripe blanket, which was green and blue. The food still so vivid in my mind tasted heavenly, because it reminded me of my Grandmother’s meals that she used to prepare when I would visit. The food just melted in my mouth like cold ice cream melts on a hot summer day. The flavor of the roasted turkey and the rolls can only be described as heavenly or most divine. Savoring the cookies I chewed leisurely as the delectable flavor surged through my mouth.

While birds sang and the trees swayed in the wind we finished our food and packed up the site. This park was a serene destination for anyone wishing to experience a tranquil outing. After our enriching experience it was time to leave the park. While exiting the park a homeless man comes up to my Mother and me asking for assistance. He appeared exhausted and his clothes were all torn and shredded. He spoke in a raspy voice when asking for assistance. Being the considerate person I gave him what was left of my meal and the change that was in my pocket. Later on we found out that he spent the money acquired from me as well as other selfless people on alcohol. This is an outing which I could not possibly forget because of the events that occurred are still prominent in my mind. Therefore this is the event in my life which I will never disregard and always recollect for no apparent rationale known to me.

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