Moving Forward

December 1, 2008
It was the worst day of my life. I failed two of my tests at school, nobody wanted to sit with me at lunch and my parents were mad at me. The past twenty-four hours had been a whirlwind of fighting, tears and drama.

As I sat on the school bus, engine humming below me, I didn’t want to think about the events that had happened. Every time one of them passed through my mind, I was faced with the decision if I should be mad or start crying.

I departured the bus, and the cold winter air greeted me. I crept up the massive hill to my house, wondering if this was like the 1804 journey across our land to discover something new.

I opened the wooden door by the entry of my house and a blast of warm air greeted my face. I passed by my brother, hiding my face with my black winter coat. I ran up the flight of stairs to my room, face-planting onto my bed. I let the tears begin to flow out of my eyes.

My life had been going downhill. All my friendships were going down the drain because I never had time to hang out with my friends anymore because my parents wouldn’t let me hang out with them on weekends but instead go skiing with my family. When I refused, my parents would yell at me and I would be grounded for the week.
With all the pressure and stress at home, it caused my grades to fall and I was a B student now.

That night, I laid in bed. The air conditioning blew and made my room cool so I cuddled with my blankets to warm my body up, and try to warm my spirits up. I thunk about how I had acted this week, and lately towards my family and friends. I had been a brat, only thinking of myself. When my family wanted to spend time with me, I acted miserable and got in trouble and around my friends I was always miserable because I was in trouble.

I decided that moment I would change my attitude and be happy about what I was doing because life is too short to waste the good things away. I would live my life to the fullest and I am currently and loving it. I hope it’s the same in the future.

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