Responsibility For Siblings

December 1, 2008
Being responsible for siblings, younger or older, is a huge job. The younger ones you have to make sure their fed and having fun. The older ones you need to be there for when they need a shoulder to cry on or for you to help them when they are in trouble. The most important thing is that you are always there for your siblings, taking care of them and making sure there safe.

On a weekend in September, my parents had gone out of town for the weekend to see their favorite band, Collective Soul, in concert. My twelve-year-old brother, Jake, and I were home alone for the night. When my parents are home, we usually never talk or interact with each other. We prefer to keep things to ourselves and follow our own routines. Tonight was different, we were home alone and my parents left me to take care of him.

I was hanging out with my friends, and as dusk took over I was supposed to head home to make sure he was okay. I was with my friends, and obviously I wanted to stay with them. I decided I would make a phone call to my parents and see if they would let me off the hook of taking care of him for the night.

They demanded I go home, and I put up a fight but lost. I stormed home and didn’t even make sure my brother was okay as I passed through the living room where he was staked out on the couch playing video games. He reminded me of a rotten couch potato. I was infuriated. My brother was old enough to take care of himself—and if he didn’t eat that was his own problem.

The next day, my parents arrived back at our house from their weekend getaway.

“Thank you so much for watching your brother last night, it meant a lot to us.” My mom said. The expression on her face showed that she had a nice night at the concert. Suddenly, I felt bad for the attitude I had towards my brother last night. Even if he didn’t say it or act like it, he needed me home. It wasn’t to take care of him and get him food, it was to have the security of knowing I was there for him.

Having responsibility for siblings is a big job. Being there for them is what matters, and making sure you always have each other’s backs through all sit

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