Good bye

December 1, 2008
I never thought it would be so hard. When my parents told me the news,even though I knew what was coming, and suspected it I did what any girl would do when she was told she was moving from her home and never coming back. That’s right a move, a big move that was thousands of miles away. One of those awful words that make me cry every time I hear it. It makes me cringe every time I say it. The word that means leaving your friends and never coming back. Yes, I moved and I hated it.

I had two really great friends. Their names were Morgan White and Tara Shreve. They were like sisters to me, my best friends. They did what any girl would do when she was told her best friend was leaving and never coming back. CRY. We did a lot of that. We then made a decision. A decision that still keeps me getting up each morning. Long distance friendship. It is in my soul. I need it just like anyone else. We promised that no distance could keep us apart. No one and nothing. We would never split our sisterhood.

That is why the last day we said good-bye they did not cry. We had all cried every tear we could squeeze out of our eyes. Morgan and Tara stayed strong for me. I could tell by how they kept their lips pressed together that they wanted to cry, but they did not for my sake. I couldn’t take it. I remember walking over to a lonely swing on the playground and silently sitting on it swinging back and fourth, tears streaming down my cheeks. That is when Tara and Morgan came over and we cried together swing in rhythm. I can’t believe that taking one piece out of a formula could destroy it. Like taking me away from our trio could destroy us.

That is why, on the night of the move wile my family was packing up the last of our things, Morgan came over. When I opened the door their was Morgan, tears streaming down her face. She looked at me and said one word. GOOD_BYE. That is the last time I said that to her. Now I am here in Illinois, writing this story. I get to see my friends once in a wile, for holidays and birthdays, but I will never forget them. We will forever be friends. I have new friends and I am happy to be here. But I will never forget the day I said good bye.

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