My 6th grade graduation mess

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

One week after school was over. All the 6th graders were ready for summer vacation, our teachers had decided to take us for a field trip to San Antonio i got really excited because it was my first time going their. When we wentto the field trip me and my friends took lots of funny pictures and had lots of fun in San Antonio. It was a saturday morning when we got back to Dallas the bus took us back to our school when I got off the bus I was really tired, sleepy and my eyes were really heavy like they wanted to close so I can have a nice rest. That same day our teachers decided to take us to Burger King and have a nice breakfast that was a really good mememory for me. I have to say that day was really fun exciting. Our parents finally came and picked us up to go home. My parent's finally arrived home I just took a big nap in my bed because I was really tierd and I really needed a good rest.

Next Monday morning when I went to school. All the girls I mean all the girls from my school who were in the 6th grade already had their dress. Except for me because I was planing to go in blue jeans and a nice shirt. That same day when I went home my mom was reading an invitation from my school to attend my 6th grade graduation. When I read the invitation I was really happy to have recived one to attend the gradutation. when all of a sudden I read the bottom part of the invitation that said " every girl whose attending the graduation has to wear a dress or a skirt no pants allowed" I was really upset I just threw the invitation on the table and left outside. The next day my teacher Mrs. Reeder was really happy about me attending the graduation when I told her "I'm not going to the graduation". Mrs reeder was just like nothing I didn't give it that much importance ethier. When we come out of the cafetiria and go back to her room she calls me up ans shows me this magazine full of beatuiful dresses. I had no idea when all of a sudden she drives me home after school that same day and my parent's had a really big surprise for me a baby blue dress and white heels like cinderella. Mrs. Redeer was inside to she and my parents had bought me a dress for that special ocasion I was really happy and excited to that really had helped me get through that crazy day.

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I like your message. However, there are quite a few run on sentences and grammar mistakes. You might want to have someone proof read it for you. I think its a sweet story, but needs some work! Good luck and keep writing!

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