A positive impact on me

November 6, 2008
I was walking with my friends as I was going to class. I couldn't wait to get to class because I was curious about what we were going to do in class. I sat at my seat calmly just waiting for the teacher to explain us the work we had to do.
The teacher started explaining to us the work. I was kinda confused to what he was saying, but I didn't want to ask for help. We had to draw a picture of a good memory we had. I was confused because i didn't know exactly what he ment with a good memory. I started thinking of ideas because i wanted to get started on my work. Then I remembered of the good times i had in Florida. I started drawing the beach and other buildings around it.
Finally, I was finish. I started thinking if I should turn it in or not. I just wasn't sure if it was right. At last i decided to turn it in whether it was right or wrong. When he saw my paper he thought it was great! I felt good to know that i did good. I felt so proud of myself! Then I over heared him telling another teacher how good I draw and how much talent I have!

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