Friends, parents, life wreckers?

December 14, 2008
By Anonymous

God, I got all these voices in my head, there is just so much freakin’ pressure. Should I do this? Should I do that? I talk to my parents about this, my dad just says, “Son, you’re just a regular teenager.”
I guess he was right. Every teenager falls for pressure at some point. I freakin’ hate it when he is right.
He is one of the reasons that cause my pressure, but then again, I blame everyone for everything. I play two sports, Basketball and Baseball. During baseball practice, I’m having a good time, swearing and doing what I love the most. Then, that thing walks in.
I feel like my heart just stops. Whenever my dad is around, I get really nervous and I can’t do anything right. I look back at him and he is just staring at me. He watches whatever I do.
Then during games, he is like the super-parent. He is chattin’ with every parent and he is always involved with the game. If an umpire or a ref makes a bad call, he starts shouting.
It’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating. I head back to our bench and my teammates ask me, “Dude, isn’t that your dad?” I always answer it, embarrassed, “Yeahhhhhhhh.”
You ever get that feeling your being watched whenever you are doing something? That’s the way my dad makes me feel. He is always there, trying to be the freakin’ hero parent.
Even when this is all happening, you can’t talk to your dad or your mom about this, it has to remain a secret, no one can know.
That’s just pressure from parents. What about pressure from all your friends?
Peer pressure is when one of your friends, or something else, tells you to do something. Take it from me, it’s not cool when this happens, you will do something that you will regret for the rest of your life.
Just about a week ago, me and a couple of friends told this guy to do something that would lead to, well, something sticking out. He started to do it, but then stopped. People told our principal that he did show “it.”
That idiot got suspended for three days, even though he didn’t. He basically got suspended for falling for peer pressure. Suspensions show up on your high school transcript, if you get one suspension, more than half of your college offers go down the drain.
That is kind of the reason I stay distant from all my friends. That is the reason I play all those sports, besides that I can get a full scholarship. The easiest way to avoid peer pressure is to occupy your weekends with people that would never do anything like that.
As for parental pressure, dude, your just going to have to deal with the fact you got a nosy parent. No matter what you say to them, they won’t listen and they never back off. “Staying close to your kids helps prevent them from doing drugs or something stupid,” says my dad.
For once, I’m right. When parents feel they are close to their kids, and it shows, most likely, you’re going to end up being a pot-head.
Another reason I stay distant from my friends, stay away from that crap.
Never give to much information to your friends; you may be giving away information that they could use against you. Also, give a lot of information to your parents. This will get them to trust you so they will back off.
Pressure, the main cause of damaging any teenager’s life.

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