December 14, 2008
By Drew Rusten BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Drew Rusten BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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Higgins was the runt of his litter. Him, and all of the other puppies in his litter, were going to be killed because the breeder accidentally bred an Italian Setter and an Italian Spinone together instead of two Italian Setters. Luckily, a woman in Grand Forks, North Dakota, saved them. The only problem was that she didn’t have anyone to give them to. That’s where I come in. My grandma lived up the street from the woman who saved them, and when I visited my grandma, she asked me if I wanted to help feed them and play with them. I agreed to, and I went to help. When I got there, there were nine puppies. All of them were brown, except for Higgins, who was white. For a while I helped with the puppies, until I finally decided to ask my mom for one. She wanted “The white one” so we got him. He was a great dog who pulled me around on a sled in the winter, and he would comfort me when I felt bad. For two years we had him, but then I learned we were going to have to move to a place with a small backyard, and Higgins is a big dog. We had to give him away. We found a nice farm for him, and the people let us visit him, although they renamed him Dolf. He lives there quite happily as he is able to run with horses daily, and he lives with his sister from his litter who is smaller than he is. It turns out he wasn’t the runt after all. I miss him, but I can cope with it. I was scared after we gave him to them because after a month he went missing for two days. He ended up running over 100 miles to a town where a farmer found him and returned him to his farm. He was fine, but a little thirsty. That is pretty much all I have to say about one of the greatest dogs I have ever had.

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