December 14, 2008
By sandi boswell, Oxon Hill, MD

School is not a real friendly environment for most teens so we do the best we can to survive and get through even at the exspense of others. Tiffany was my best friend, she was there for me in the toughest times and I was there for hers, but I felt that in order to make this one and only friendship last I had to be more interesting than I was. So I created another me,a me that had gone through so many things people would stick around because I made them feel I needed them. Tiffany was no different, I created horrible lies and she beleived them. As we got seperated in middle school my web of lies was reveled to everyone but Tiffany. I thought I had escaped having to talk to her and telling her how horrible I was as a friend but I ran into her not to long ago nearly 4 years later. I tried to avoid having to talk about it even though I really wanted to let it all out but I was afraid that now that we wree friends again she would be upset and not speak to me again. Of course the subject came up and I had to tell her the complete truth. I waited for her response nervouse the whole time, then she simply said "It's ok, whats a true friend if they dont believe the lies". I promised her and myself never would I lie to her again because I knew I didnt have to be anyone else but me with her. Friendship can be tested by forgiveness. The ability to forgive can change the future of any type of relationship.

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