The things that matter

December 13, 2008
By Becca Cummings, West Hartford, CT

It was not what I thought it would be; Love. It hadn't completed me, it had merely given me a sense of equilibrium. It got me up in the morning, tucked me in at night; kept me from curling in a ball in the corner and crying all day; it kept me upright. It gave me something to be hopeful for. Gave me something to look forward to. Or, possibly, something to look back on. It kept me talking, helped me keep my friends and focus on reality instead of being inside my own fantasy world like I usually was. I had always believed that it would do the opposite of these things. Turn me into a noodle-legged swooning girl who would do anything for the person she loved. But I was wrong, man was I wrong. I was already noodle-legged, but not because of the obvious reason; because I was tired and my life was boring. I was so close to dying of boredom-literally. But no, love had turned my life around, but now, instead of emotionless dreams, I dream of us, I dream of you. I. Have. Hope.

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