Not Another Love Story

December 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman.
No, let me start over.

Once, there was a sweet, amazing boy who dreamed of love. He searched far and wide, looking for the love he had never had. Thats when he ran into a girl, odd and mysterious, possibly too independent for anybody to have.

But he had had to have her. He got to get her to be his friend, and he really loved her. Sweet, fun, careless. But he was scared to ask.

Less than a year later, he took the plunge. Courage welled up inside him, blasting out the walls that made a small room he had hid in for many years. He had a girl! He could do anything now.

The girl thought it was good, too. He was her first, nobody had wanted her that much before. It would be another adventure, and thats what she was constantly looking for. Something to put her into a place where she belonged, where people would love and remember her. This might be what she needed.

It was a good start. They both were getting what they wanted, it could last. As they got to know each other, they had some of the same problems. Reckless fathers, lonely lives. People loved, people lost. But they had each other. It was great. They had imaginary plans for the future together, and they were happy. As close to perfect as you could get.

But nothing is ever perfect. Not for long, anyway. A bad decision can change minds, especially lonely ones. And thats what happened in the spring, the third week of April. A reckless father with a discombobulated mind calls up his son on a dark night with his friends, a night where alcohol could take away the boys body, as well.

It was two weeks later when the boy finally got his courage together once again to tell his girl what had gone wrong. His girl, giving his love and attention that he didn't deserve for two weeks. She thought he could tell her anything, but apparently not. This hurt her. It was like the leading headline in the newspaper for the girl: “Boy Consumes Alcohol and Girlfriend's Trust”. But it was more than that, so much more.

A month later, it was the girls birthday. She was happy, she was fifteen! They were going to Vallyfair, although it was raining and bad weather as it always seemed to be on her day, it would still be fun. She invited her few friends, and her boy. A small group of three. But, at the last minute, he couldn't go and the girl's day was bombed.

It was the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end. The girl treated him differently. She picked on him, teased him, and called him horrible names. She was always looking for an excuse to fight him, an excuse to prove him wrong. It was pointless, but it seemed right. The boy didn't seem to care. He always said to her, reassuring her, that he liked it. Liked it? That didn't make any sense. Now he was the one making excuses, making accusations. Eventually, this would blow over, and she knew it, too.

All the meanwhile, the third wheel was still rolling. The Other Girl. The friend of the relationship. She liked him as a friend, but he had stabbed her back accidentally, too. Uninviting her to his birthday party in January a hour before wasn't exactly a way to make friends...he pushed her away for the girl he loved, although he didn't know it.

Both incidents “forgiven” by both girls, they kept at the relationship and friendship of this boy. One that had been so overlooked as funny, so tolerated, that nobody realized it as dangerous.

It went on...and on. Fights were had, but “love” was also made. He still loved her with all his heart, but the girl questioned her love for him constantly. She hated this feeling of unsureness, this threat in her life that she nearly thrived in for almost a year. But she couldn't think of leaving him. To see his depression take away his charming smile and silly laugh would take away her future, and she couldn't bare that.

Around the couple's one year anniversary, it occurred to the three that something should be done. The boy had pushed the other girl away one too many times, and the girlfriend had pushed away the boy one too many times. It was a cycle of life that had should have been put to evolution.

By now, these girls had found this familiar. The girl, two years earlier had been the Other Girl once and the Other Girl in the position of the girlfriend. It ended badly with threats that aren't to be spoken of here.

Back to the present story, the girl remembers of a time, in the beginning, when her boy wanted her to write a story about them, about their love. She had told him that all stories have an end, and this one didn't. At least, not yet.

Now it does.

And now, here the girl sits, typing this story, not knowing what to do...

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