Thanks for keeping your promise

December 11, 2008
By Shahane Hakobyan BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Shahane Hakobyan BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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Summer.The day was bright and shiny;the sun was high in the zenith;there were no clouds and no signs of precipitations.I was sitting on the warm sand,my eyes focused on nowhere.My look was lost between peachy sky and pure waves of water.The lake was boiling under passionate,hot sunshine.I wished I could go and swim,fill the cool waves taking away the supplementary temperature of my body,which was making my heart go crazy.But the burning sun wouldn't let me out of its arms.
My friends were playing volleyball. For the moment I wanted to join them,but I felt too lazy to pick myself up from the sand.The cheerful voices of excitement conquered my interest and laziness and took me to the volleyball field.
The pieces of sand and small stones covered my feet like a collage covers the paper, but as soon as my feet touched cool,fresh grass, the tie between them was destroyed as collage is destroyed with water.
The wind and the joy of the game vaporized the sad thoughts of my soul.The game was rather "tough".The sun was so bright that I couldn't see the white ball flying straight to my face. I was feeling like a puppet who is out of control and is left on the stage to amuse the audience. My hands didn't obey me.When I tried to jump, the gravity was against me.
"I wish it would snow now." The crazy thought passed through my head.For a moment I imagined what would happen if it really snowed.The heavy warmth and fresh breath of winter,the gold sand and silver snowflakes...The sound of speeding ball breaking through the thick slice of air brought me back.As I was somewhere between nowhere and reality I couldn't distinguish the white volleyball ball from a snowball.I raised my hands as high as I could,acting like a tree that was trying to touch the sky with it branches,and hit the ball as far as I could.For a second it stayed in the sky,shining like a disco ball.
"Did you see that?Did you see that?" I cried to my friends.
They all were staring at the sky, as if they had seen an alien space ship.
I looked up, and the white snowflake fell right into my eye.I thought the imagination was playing a joke with my reason.But it was real.My friends could see that as well, so i wasn't going crazy,no.
When I finally realized what happened a very powerful flood of laughter burst out of my mouth.
WOW! It was snowing in summer!
It reminded me of something really special,about him,about last winter and his promise to come back with the first snow...
My eyes and heart started to look for him everywhere,but I couldn't find him.Maybe he was invisible to me,maybe my heart was blind with love I had for him?
I thought it was impossible,he couldn't know about snow in summer,he was wonderful but not as much to predict the weather.
All my friends noticed how my face turned pale and unhappy.
They knew the story,they knew everything about me but nothing about him.They knew a I was fighting with tears inside myself.
One of friends came over.
"You knew he wouldn't come,didn't you?Forget about that promise,life isn't a fairy tale.You must grow up,"she told me.
She opened her mouth again but I couldn't hear the words.For a second I thought the shock made me deaf.I concentrated my eyes on her,trying to read the words and thoughts on her thin lips.
"Turn around,"was the message.
I didn't want to but her hypnotizing look made me to turn around.
As I turned my head back,I saw a someone standing behind me. He seemed to be lost like a boat in an endless ocean.His eyes were looking for something, maybe for someone.I was frozen to death,my eyes were like glass balls,lifeless and empty,several words and thoughts were attached to my mouth but they couldn't be pronounced,my hand were trembling like the branchs tremble from autumn wind.
I couldn't see his face but something told me that was he.
Finally our eyes met and united in mutual joy and happiness.
I walked his way very slowly,feeling each step deep in the sand and the excitement growing in my heart
He came and as long as he's with me, I believe in everything impossible

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